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Dental care for a disabled or elderly loved one  

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DR. MOGA DDS FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY - Irina Moga, DDSYou may have a parent, spouse or friend who has difficulty maintaining a healthy mouth on their own. How can you help?

Two things are critical:

· Help them keep their mouth clean with reminders to brush and floss daily.

· Make sure they get to a dentist regularly.

These steps can prevent many problems, but tasks that once seemed so simple can become very challenging.

If your loved one is having difficulty with brushing and flossing, talk to a dentist or hygienist who can provide helpful tips or a different approach.

For a patient who wear dentures, pay close attention to eating habits. If they’re having difficulty eating or are not eating as much as usual, denture problems could be the cause.

When you’re caring for someone who is confined to bed, they may have so many health problems that it’s easy to forget about oral health. However, it’s still very important because bacteria from the mouth can be inhaled into the lungs and cause pneumonia.

Our team offers a full range of dental care in an inviting and comforting setting, along with a level of personal attention and compassion you won’t find elsewhere.

We are committed to providing comprehensive oral health care, with a strong emphasis on prevention.

For those who need dentures, we can handle all phases of the process.

Dr. Moga offers full dental care, including extractions, while Michael Moga expertly crafts dentures in the same office.

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