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World Cancer Day: Early detection screening

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PACIFIC MEDICAL GROUP - Pacific Medical Group BeavertonFebruary 4th is World Cancer Day and a prime time to remember the importance of early cancer screenings.

Diagnosing cancer isn't always easy; not all cancers show early signs or symptoms and other warning signs can appear later when the cancer is advanced. However, for a number of cancers, increasing awareness of signs and symptoms and the importance of timely treatment has been shown to improve survival from cancer.

Finding cancer early almost always makes it easier to treat or even cure. In fact, recent data from the United Kingdom showed that for eight common cancers - bladder, bowel, breast, cervical, womb, malignant melanoma, ovarian and testicular cancers - survival is three times higher when cancer is diagnosed early.

With the right information, individuals can be encouraged to know what's normal for their body and to recognize any unusual or persistent changes, such as areas of the skin that look different and may suggest skin cancer.

For some cancers, there is robust evidence to support cancer screening. This means testing apparently healthy people for signs that could mean a cancer is developing. For example, bowel cancer screening using the Fecal Occult Blood Test is one of the most effective population screening tool to detect early signs of bowel cancer.

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