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Beaverton Police Department's K-9 Unit posts up impressive stats for 2011 service calls
by: Submitted photo The Beaverton Police Department’s K-9 Unit includes (from left to right) Officer Steve Anderson and his K-9 partner Alex, Officer Ken Magnus with Jago, Officer Rob Wolfe with Enzo, Officer Tony Bastinelli with Kahz, Officer Mike Bewersdorff with Barak and Sgt. Mark Hevland.

When it comes to getting the job done, the Beaverton Police Department's K-9 Unit has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

In 2011, the unit's five teams of officers and their highly trained canine partners responded to 1,770 patrol calls, logging more than 2,391 hours in the field. They located 56 articles they were asked to search for, accounted for 58 suspect arrests and assisted with 44 others.

Two of the K-9 teams, which also specialize in sniffing out drugs, responded to an additional 327 calls, logging 474 hours searching for an array of drugs and paraphernalia in buildings, vehicles, area sweeps and items carried by suspects.

"The K-9 team is a tremendous resource, providing tracking and drug detection while minimizing the potential for injury to our officer," said Beaverton Police Chief Geoff Spalding.

Officer Anthony Bastinelli and his partner Kahz responded to 256 drug calls, which led to the discovery of cocaine four times, heroin 19 times, marijuana 58 times, methamphetamine 23 times, more than one type of drug 19 times and paraphernalia three times. While on patrol, Kahz was put to work on 231 calls, which led to the location of 13 articles of evidence, 13 captures and eight assists.

Officer Michael Bewersdorf and his partner Barak responded to 71 drug calls, where they were responsible for locating heroin twice, marijuana six times, methamphetamine eight times and more than one type of drug five times. While patrolling the streets, the two responded to 290 calls for service, which led to the location of 21 articles of evidence, 12 captures and 10 assists.

Officer Robert Wolfe and his partner Enzo logged the most patrol hours, responding to 550 calls, which led to the location of 12 items, 14 captures and seven assists.

Officer Ken Magnus and his partner Jago responded to 321 calls, leading to the location of four items, eight captures and seven assists.

Officer Steve Anderson and his partner Alex were called out 371 times. They located six items and were responsible for 11 captures and 12 assists. Alex bit one of those suspects captured, accounting for the only bite of the year.

Beaverton's K-9 Unit started in 1979. As part of an ongoing partnership with other law enforcement agencies, Beaverton's teams respond to calls across the region when their expertise is required to perform perimeter checks, search for evidence, provide officer back-up and cover, track the movements of missing people and suspects and perform a variety of searches in buildings, vehicles, neighborhoods and outdoor areas.

The unit also participates in weekly training sessions in addition to making its teams available for K-9 demonstrations at community events.