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You can learn about Allen Boulevard Corridor plans


The city of Beaverton will hold an open house on Thursday, March 20, to share information about the proposed Allen Boulevard corridor study designed to coordinate planning efforts in the mixed residential and commercial section.

The planning process is led by InSite Planning Group, a consulting firm comprising Portland State University graduate students working on the study as their final project in the school’s master’s in urban and regional planning program.

The plan responds to recognition that the area lacks coordinated planning efforts and the city’s Business Assistance Program’s desire to develop tailored programs to service businesses along the corridor, said Alma Flores, Beaverton’s economic development manager.

The plan will focus on economic development, transportation and land-use issues along the corridor. The final product will include a snapshot of current conditions along the corridor and a set of strategies and recommendations that support the area’s small-business climate, provide residents with better transportation options, create a safe and inviting streetscape and promote development along the corridor to serve existing residents’ needs.

City staff will use the resulting document to tailor programs to assist businesses, property owners, employees and residents in the corridor area.

“The majority of Beaverton’s economic development and planning programs are currently centered around the downtown core,” Flores said. “This partnership with PSU graduate students is a great benefit to the city. Like every organization, we have limited resources and having the talent from iNsite leading this project allows us to expand an area outside what has been our traditional focus. This is an exciting opportunity.”

The plan will be built on a foundation of community engagement, with strategies and recommendations developed around the community input. The outreach process will include business and resident surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, the March 20 open house and a public meeting to be held April 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Beaverton Activities Center.

“The Allen Boulevard Study will be a community-driven plan,” said Samantha Petty, iNsight’s Community engagement specialist. “We’ve been tasked with engaging those that live, shop, and work along Allen Boulevard to better understand what’s happening along the corridor and inform future plans for the area.”

The plan will also take into account redevelopment pressure from downtown Beaverton, located just north of the planning area, and the potential for business and residential displacement along the corridor.

“By talking with the community, we hope to develop strategies that support small-business prosperity along the corridor and also meet the needs of existing residents,” said iNsight’s Project Manager JP McNeil. “We hope to develop a plan that connects the Allen Boulevard of today to the Allen Boulevard of tomorrow.”

The community engagement program will run through March and April, and the Beaverton Planning Commission is expected to review the final plan in early June.

Child care and translation services will be provided for the public outreach events on March 20 and April 24. For more information, visit Beaverton Oregon.gov.