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Man arrested after hit-and-run incident with bicyclist

Driver allegedly confronted cyclist after he was followed

A Beaverton man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly struck a bicyclist with his car, left the scene and then engaged in a physical confrontation with the cyclist.

Beaverton police arrested city resident Christopher Williams, 30, near the Cedar Hills Crossing mall and transported him to the Washington County Jail, where he faces allegations related to hit and run, property damage and disorderly conduct, said Mike Rowe, public information officer with the Beaverton Police Department.

Police responded to a hit-and-run report at 5:16 p.m. and spoke with Derrik Fleming, 22, of Portland, who said he'd been struck on his bicycle while traveling on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard and turned left into the parking lot.

He said he wanted to make a left hand turn and there was a vehicle stopped in front of him. Fleming rode his bicycle around the stopped car to make the left turn when he told police a vehicle driven by Williams sped up from behind, came around the stopped car and Fleming into the opposing lane of travel.

Williams then cut back into the lane Fleming was in and suddenly stopped the car in front of Fleming, which caused Fleming to crash into the right rear of Williams' vehicle, Rowe said. This sent Fleming over the bike's handlebars and onto the asphalt-surface parking lot.

Fleming was able to get up and saw Williams, who was still in his vehicle, begin to drive away. Fleming tried to get Williams to stop, and said the driver made a crude gesture with his finger as he drove off. Fleming got back on his bicycle and rode after Williams to get his license plate number.

Williams stopped his vehicle in the parking lot, got out and aggressively confronted Fleming, who was still on his bicycle, Rowe said. Williams approached Fleming and pushed him while he was straddling his bicycle. Fleming got off his Bicycle and Williams attempted several times to punch him, but did not make contact.

Witnesses were yelling at Williams to stop and got between the two of them. Williams then walked away from his vehicle and Fleming, who sustained minor injuries from this incident.

While officers spoke with Fleming, Williams returned to his vehicle and spoke with police. Williams said Fleming hit his car with his hand, which scared him, so he drove off. Williams told police he stopped and confronted Fleming because he was following him on his bicycle.