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City Hall begins move to The Round


Several departments closing Friday to reopen in new building Monday

Beaverton residents questioning whether their city is truly on the move these days might want to make it to the old City Hall on Southwest Griffith Drive before noon on Friday.

After that, they’ll likely find about half of the city administration’s offices and employees have flown the coop for greener pastures at The Round at Beaverton Central. There, the city-owned Beaverton Building will house all municipal administrative services on floors one, four and five.

Renovation of the upper floors that began last fall are essentially complete, with mostly minor work continuing on the first floor throughout this week.

Beginning Friday at noon, the city attorney’s office, finance department, human resources, information technology services, and the mayor’s office will close. After furniture, equipment, files and personal belongings are transferred to the Beaverton Building at 12725 S.W. Millikan Way, those offices will reopen on Monday, Aug. 11, at 1 p.m.

All other city departments will remain open, including police, courts and emergency management services, which will remain on Griffith Drive after other administrative departments follow an identical transfer process beginning on Friday, Aug. 15. Community development, economic development and engineering departments as well as the city’s mailroom/reprographics, passport window, and recycling and solid waste program will close on Aug. 15 at noon and reopen Monday, Aug. 18, at 1 p.m. in the Beaverton Building.

While the city’s utility billing department will move to the fourth floor of the Beaverton Building, the mailing address for utility payments will remain the same: City of Beaverton, P.O. Box 3188, Portland, 97208-3188.

Customers who use the utility payment drop box are advised that the box will be relocated on Aug. 11 to the Beaverton Building with a walk-up box next to the 15-minute parking spaces along Southwest Millikan Way.

Holly Thompson, the city’s senior program manager, said Facilities Manager Pat VanOsdel and Lile Moving and Storage have orchestrated the physical move down to the finest details.

“We have all these labels for what floor and location we’re moving to,” she said. “Our monitor, computer and phone and files are all going into moving boxes. We have three boxes apiece.”

Moving crews will transport the boxes to the conference room behind City Council Chambers.

“Movers will pick them up over the weekend, all the boxes, and move them to your location,” added Thompson, who will move to spot 024 on the fifth floor. “They’re all coded.”

Employees are responsible for transferring their own personal items and office decorations.

All city operations will remain open and operational until the designated moving hours between Friday and Monday afternoon. Police, court and emergency services operations on Griffith Drive will be unaffected by the move and maintain normal hours throughout the process.

The buzz about the roughly half-mile move is palpable among city employees, she noted, with the city Sustainability Department’s Green Move Team leading the way with efficiency and conservation-minded guidance.

“I think people are really excited about it,” she said. “We’re getting emails every week to remind us how to get prepared. We’re working on paring down and looking at centralized storage and other efficiency measures that are really good for the organization.”

Renovation work on the Beaverton Building, which the city purchased for $8.65 million in early 2012, got underway last fall. Considerable progress has been made since early May, when the floors were still stripped to bare bones, to last week when ceilings, colors, carpets and fixtures combined to reveal a more definitive sense of place.

Moving administrative offices is intended to ease crowded and inefficient conditions at the Griffith Drive building, while freeing up the three-story structure for a retrofit to accommodate a new Public Safety Center for courts, police and emergency services.

A $35 million bond measure to fund the project will go to city voters in November.

For more information, including a complete list of city services moving to the Beaverton Building, visit BeavertonOregon.gov/TheBeavertonBuilding.