3-D marketing designer to open Bogza Coffee in vacant retail space

Photo Credit: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Tim Bogza, a design firm owner, checks on the construction of his coffee business, Bogza Coffee, at The Round, which opens later this month.Tim Bogza may be a three-dimensional visualization and animation designer by trade, but in the interest of delivering a dependable outlet for a cup of joe at The Round, he’s come to know a bit about the beans.

“I’ve learned everything there is to know about the coffee industry,” he says. “I know more about coffee at this point than I’d like to know. But I’m required to — to make this a successful location.”

It’s not much to look at now, but by early September, Bogza Coffee should be up and running in the ground-floor space just west of Mingo Italian restaurant in The Round at Beaverton Central. By then, the city of Beaverton’s administrative offices should be all moved in just across the MAX train tracks at the Beaverton Building.

That move, of course, provides a ready-made customer base of 100 employees and a steady flow of visitors.

“I think it’s a great location,” says Bogza, 23. “The potential, I think is huge. We’re taking time to put it together and make it work.”Photo Credit: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Bogza Coffee owner Tim Bogza shows contractor Matthew Peterson where he envisions a counter for his coffee business at The Round.

Bogza plans to sell a full range of lattes, mochas and Americanos, made from beans roasted by Portland-based Kobos, as well as pastries from Northwest Portland’s Pearl Bakery.

“We’re gearing toward something a little more special, a little more high-end product, where prices are reasonable, but quality wise it’s a step up,” he says. “Pearl Bakery has a fantastic pastry line.”

Bogza, who collaborated with Skanlan Kemper Bard, The Round’s primary developer since 2011, to secure a prime spot for his new retail venture, admits to having a vested interest in a coffee shop. The Portland resident operates BOGZA, a 3-D visualization and animation design company for the architecture, retail and interior design sectors, in the building housing the 24-Hour Fitness just east of the Beaverton Building.

He formed the company in 2010 in downtown Portland but moved the operation to The Round when parking for his nine employees became an issue. While parking and an attractive plaza were welcome additions, the lack of a gathering place with coffee, tea and pastries quickly became apparent.

“When we were in downtown Portland, our employees would walk half a block to get coffee, but when we came to The Round, we didn’t have that,” he says. “We had to drive somewhere or meet at the office. It was an amenity we got used to. It’s kind of essential to have that kind of community location.”

Bogza partnered with SKB and real estate brokers Cushman-Wakefield to bring the coffee shop concept into focus. He met with the proprietor of the former cafe at the spot to discuss circumstances and approaches that led to its demise.

“Number one, I want to make sure not to repeat those,” he says. “It’s an ideal spot, right next to the MAX line. For our marketing campaign, we want to see if folks from work might get off at this stop, spend 10 minutes drinking coffee and reading the newspaper and get back on the train and be on their way. We hope they can do that.”

Holly Thompson, senior program manager for the city of Beaverton, is confident she and her fellow city employees will find Bogza’s shop — which will feature a red-brick and wood motif and a large overhead door for indoor-outdoor seating — an attractive new asset.

“We have a lot of coffee drinkers, so they’ll be happy with that,” she says.

Bogza, who is in the process of hiring about eight employees, including baristas and a general manager to run the shop, feels his shop will prove an integral part of The Round — which has endured a checkered economic and development history since it was developed in the early 2000s — finally coming into its own as a vibrant focal point.

“We’re excited, and everybody is excited around us,” he says. “I think we will without a doubt live up to the expectations. I think we’re positioned perfectly to make it happen.”

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