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Beaverton Police warn residents about a man posing as a detective to solicit money

A scam has been brought to the attention of the Beaverton Police Department that there is a person calling people claiming to be Det. Robert Williams of the Beaverton Police Department, according to BPD Public Information Officer Mike Rowe. "There is no Det. Robert Williams that works for the Beaverton Police Department." The call at least one resident received was from a person calling himself Det. Robert Williams. The caller told the complainant that he was investigating a case where the complainant was a suspect in a crime. The caller threatened the complainant that if he did not "settle up" with the victim he would be arrested. BPD wants to remind citizens the police will never and ask for a financial settlement instead of being arrested. If anyone receives a call from someone claiming to be a Beaverton Police Officer and he/she demands money to avoid arrest, hang up. Anyone who gets a voicemail from someone claiming to be a Beaverton Police Officer, requesting a call back, return the phone call since it might really be a police officer. If during the return call the person demands money to clear up an incident or be arrested, hang up and call Beaverton Police. "Please share this information with friends and family and let's all make sure this scam doesn't snare another victim," Rowe added.?

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