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Beaverton Police Logs


Monday Sept. 19

Nicholas Robert Beckley, 23, of Portland was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol in the area of Southwest Roxbury Road and Southwest Walker Road.

An intoxicated man was found holding a beer can and passed out under the bushes at a home on Southwest Farmington Road. He gave police officers false information regarding his identity and was charged for that, as well as for public intoxication and warrant.

Two men were arrested on Southwest 142nd Avenue for possessing drugs not prescribed to them.

Counterfeit money was circulated at Ava Roasteria on Southwest Hall Boulevard.

A man described as a drunk transient passed out in an apartment complex laundry room on Southwest Hall Boulevard. He told police he was trying to keep warm. He was charged with criminal trespassing.

An unknown suspect burned food trays on a table at McKinley Elementary School on Northwest 185th Avenue.

Ashley Marie Wyatt, 21, of Portland was placed under arrest after reportedly attempting to steal about $100 in merchandise from TJ Maxx on Southwest 177th Avenue.

A woman reported being pick-pocketed on Southwest Teal Avenue.

A vehicle was reported vandalized on Southwest Franklin Avenue.

An unknown suspect took a package belonging to a resident of a home on Southwest Laurelwood Avenue.

Tuesday, Sept. 20

A man reported poor driving behavior by a motorcyclist on Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

A $750 bicycle was stolen from a back patio of a residence on Southwest Murray Boulevard.

An unknown suspect took keys from the public keyboard at Planet Fitness on Southwest Teal Boulevard and stole a gym member's vehicle.

A woman's vehicle was broken into and a window was smashed on Southwest Murray Scholls Place. There was a loss reported of more than $2,000.

A transient man and transient woman, both in their 40s, destroyed property and cut down trees to make a concealed encampment on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard.

A teacher's car was keyed sometime during school hours, causing approximately $100 damage on Northwest Cornell Road.

A traffic collision took place on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard near Southwest Walker Road. No injuries were reported. One vehicle was towed.

Hyland Tyler Flores, 25, of Gresham was arrested after reportedly stealing from a TJ Maxx store and physically fighting with loss prevention personnel on Southwest 117th Avenue.

Wednesday, Sept. 21

A car blocking a driveway of Cedar Park School was towed. There was no registration, license or insurance.

A man was charged with possession of methamphetamine in a hotel room on Southwest Allen Boulevard.

Mikayla Joy Wilkins, 22, of Hillsboro was arrested after a chase with law enforcement. She was reportedly worried about a previous charge of burglary and harassment and took off on Southwest 139th Avenue with no lights on, running stop signs and ultimately crashing into a yard causing extensive damage.

Thursday, Sept. 22

A counterfeit $20 bill was reportedly used at WinCo on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard.

A two-vehicle T-bone collision occurred at Southwest Murray Boulevard and Southwest Walker Road when a driver turning on the flashing yellow thought he had the right-of-way. There were no injuries reported.

A two-vehicle crash occurred at Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard and Southwest Fairfield Street when a driver failed to yield the right-of-way when entering the roadway. There were no injuries reported.

William Dix Winslow, 38, of Beaverton was arrested and charged with failure to register as a sex offender and possession of heroin.

A man reported that a car with Mississippi plates sideswiped him on Highway 26 and took off.

A rear window of an SUV was smashed and items were stolen from a hotel parking lot on Northwest Gateway Court.

A woman turned in guns belonging to her ex-boyfriend at the Beaverton Police Department. She was reportedly afraid he was going to report the guns stolen. One gun was reported stolen in the early 1990s. Police attempted to contact the rightful owner, but he has since died.

A cat was reported shot with a BB gun on Southwest Stone Ridge Circle.

A driver ran into a Department of Transportation sign post on Southwest Park Way. The driver told law enforcement she was experiencing pain from a migraine headache and that was the cause of the crash.

A transient was arrested after reportedly building a compound complete with walls, a garden, compost pile, 15 pounds of dog food, a firepit, swimming pool, a reading area and a two-bedroom suite on the far end of the property, overlooking a creek. The 55 year-old man was arrested on the property on Southwest Tualatin Valley Highway.

Brandon William Asbell, 34, of Portland was arrested after he tried to purchase about $2,500 in tools from a business on Southwest 110th Avenue with forged or stolen cards.

Three people were arrested following a traffic stop on Southwest Griffith Avenue on charges related to possession of methamphetamine, possession of a forged check and outstanding warrants.

A crash took place on Northwest Science Park Drive near Southwest Murray Boulevard when one driver changed lanes and struck the other vehicle because the driver thought the other driver was going to get into the turn lane. No injuries were reported.

A hit-and-run crash was reported in the parking lot of a hotel on Southwest 158th Avenue.

About $300 in sound equipment was reported stolen from a business on Southwest Canyon Road.

Friday, Sept. 23

A 21-year-old man who was pulled over for reckless driving was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol in the area of Southwest Greensboro way.

A 29-year-old man who attempted to steal a tablet computer from Best Buy was located at a TriMet station in the area of Southwest Scholls Ferry Road and Southwest 92nd Avenue. He was subsequently arrested, as he also had three outstanding warrants.

Mikayla Joy Wilkins, 22, of Hillsboro was charged with stalking as a result of an ongoing issue of burglary, theft and telephonic harassment on Southwest Wembley Place.

A man causing a ruckus at the Brickyard Tavern on Southwest Canyon Road was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass and interfering with a police officer.

A single vehicle crashed into a tree on Southwest Farmington Road. No injuries were reported.

The Battery Exchange on Southwest Canyon Road reported a broken window and two batteries missing. The loss was estimated at $200.

A postal truck crashed into a front yard of a residence on Southwest Juniper Terrace, destroying a flag pole and causing property damage to the yard. The postal driver said the accelerator stuck and he lost control of the vehicle.

A 111-year-old woman reported sending $4,000 in gift cards and cash after someone called and said her granddaughter was in jail. A fraud by deception case opened.

Christopher William Kopper, 39, of Beaverton reportedly hit a median, taking out the sign that cautions motorists about the median at Southwest Millikan Way and Southwest 153rd Drive. Police reported that he left the scene, drove his vehicle home and then walked to 7-Eleven for cigarettes. Police located him 25 minutes later walking around the crash scene and smoking.

Saturday Sept. 24

A fight broke at the bottle return area at the Fred Meyer Beaverton Town Square location. The person who was involved in the fight was found to have a warrant and arrested.

A suspicious vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot on Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway led to the arrest of a woman with four warrants.

David Lee Collins, 50, of Beaverton, was arrested and charged with shoplifting from Home Depot on Fred Meyer on Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. Approximately $250 in personal hygiene products were reported stolen.

A bar patron reportedly assaulted an employee while being escorted out of a business on Southwest Hall Boulevard.

A police officer recognized a man and a woman as people with warrants at a hotel on Southwest Allen Boulevard. Further investigation revealed possession of heroin.

Sunday, Sept. 25

James Evan Pettit, 31, of Tualatin was arrested in the area of Southwest Dale Avenue and Southwest Allen Boulevard after parking his car in a no-parking zone, falling asleep in the vehicle and creating a hazard. Law enforcement personnel determined his license was suspended, he was uninsured and in possession of an invalid Oregon Driver's License.

A fraud was reported when a debit card belonging to a Beaverton woman was used in Florida to buy a money order in the approximate amount of $2,500.

A man ran a red light on Southwest Allen Boulevard to avoid being pulled over, stopped at a convenience store and ran from his vehicle. Police located the man, who had what appeared to be a Creatine package in the vehicle. Police determined it was not the weight supplement, but cocaine in the package. Joshua John Williams, 30, of Beaverton, was also driving on a suspended license and in violation of his probation.

A Beaverton husband and wife team were arrested after reportedly shoplifting more than $400 of merchandise from Kohl's on Southwest Canyon Road.

A Beaverton man and an Oregon City man were arrested and charged with shoplifting from Kohl's on Southwest Canyon Road. One of the men was also arrested on a warrant.