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What Students Say / Cedar Park Middle School

“What have you enjoyed so far about the new school year?”

“I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of the student body here; there’s so many people from different places and everybody is different but there’s also some similarities. It’s very enjoyable to see the differences of the people here.”

— Emile Bejarano, sixth grade

“I’ve been enjoying my classes, especially my math class. Math is the most special thing you will learn in life. The teachers are very friendly here at school, too. I’ve been enjoying being with my friends and playing soccer.”

Juan Diego Guerrero Ojeda, eighth grade

Amara MarlukeIvan Jaimes PerezEmile Bajarano

“I’ve enjoyed how open the teachers are and how kind they are. I like how diverse everyone is; everyone is from different places, so they bring where they’re from into who they are. It’s really nice to have different friends from different places because you get exposed to different cultures and diversity.”

Jasmin Parikh, sixth grade

Jasmin ParikhKyle TurnerJuan Diego Guerrero Ojeda

“The best part about this year so far is the teachers. They are inspiring and helpful and give you a better understanding of school. They have made me want to come to school and make it a positive environment. They make the assignments fun.”

— Amara Marluke, eighth grade

“I get see my friends again. I see some of them in classes I take. I also have a P.E. teacher that is great.”

— Ivan Jaimes Perez, seventh grade

“I’m excited about my math teacher, Tim Brubaker, whom I’ve heard a lot about. He’s very energetic and makes math exciting. We get to use cubes to count with, use technology to find answers to equations and how to apply math in real life.”

— Kyle Turner, seventh grade

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