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Metal stabs vehicle but misses girl

Possible mower blade flew through windshield of vehicle traveling on Highway 26

COURTESTY OF BEAVERTON POLICE DEPARTMENT - A sharp piece of metal flew into a vehicle's windshild and lodged in the top of the dashboard, narrowly missing the teenaged girl in the passenger seat. She was not seriously injured.A detached mower blade or similar piece of metal flew through the windshield of a vehicle traveling on Highway 26 on Monday and lodged in the top of the car's dashboard, narrowly missing a teenage passenger.

The girl was hit by small glass fragments but did not require hospital attention, said Officer Mike Rowe, spokesman for the Beaverton Police Department, which responded to the incident.

"This looks to just be a freak accident involving a piece of metal that most likely fell off of a moving vehicle onto the highway," Rowe wrote to the media.