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Beaverton residents among state's most delinquent taxpayers

One local man owes Oregon $350,000 in taxes

DOROregon Department of Revenue officials hope to bring in more money owed to the state by bringing their most delinquent taxpayers into public view.

At least three people with Beaverton addresses made the list of Oregon's top 50 in either individual or business tax amounts owed, including one who owes more than a third of a million dollars.

The agency's website has added a listing of the top delinquent taxpayers for both the personal income tax and business income tax withholding programs.

"This is a pilot project, testing a new tool to encourage tax compliance and increase collection of delinquent taxes," Chris Wytoski, collections manager for the Personal Tax and Compliance Division, said in a news release.

Wytoski said Oregon is following the lead of more than 30 states that already publicly post delinquent taxpayer information and have seen positive results in collecting money owed. Inclusion in this list isn't the first step in the collections process: Delinquent taxpayers were given another opportunity to pay their debts before their names appeared on the website.

"We tried to resolve these debts with the taxpayers using other collection methods, but they haven't paid," Wytoski said. The information posted is relatively limited. It includes the taxpayer's name, address, the type of delinquent tax and the amount of the debt, as shown on tax warrant information recorded in Oregon's 36 counties. Only the taxpayers with the highest amounts due are listed. "All of the information we're posting is pulled from recorded tax warrants and it's public," Wytoski said. "We want Oregon's taxpayers to know that our use of this new collection and compliance tool doesn't change the level to which we safeguard their personal information, nor does it authorize us to share or post other information." The debts shown online may not be the current amount owed to the state, because the recorded amount doesn't reflect recent payments made or additional amounts added, such as accruing interest. Personal income tax is the amount each person owes to the state based on the income earned during the tax year.

Taxpayers accrue personal income tax debt when they don't pay the amount they owe when they file their taxes, or if they don't file at all. In situations where a taxpayer doesn't file a return, the department makes an assessment based on information provided on W-2s and 1099s filed by employers. By comparison, business income tax withholding is money withheld from employees' paychecks to cover income tax owed by the employees. Withholding debt is accrued when the employer withholds the money from employees in trust, but doesn't remit it to the department.

The delinquent taxpayers with Beaverton addresses listed on the Department of Revenue's website as of Feb. 25 are:

• Long Tran (Northwest Ashland Place), listed as the state's 40th most delinquent individual taxpayer with $352,514.16 owed.

• Daniel Carey (Southwest Pearl Street), listed as the state's 37th most delinquent business person with $130,937.54 owed.

• William Hayden (Southwest 169th Place), listed as the state's 44th most delinquent business person with $119,496.67 owed.

To see the full list of delinquent taxpayers, look under the "Popular Topics" at oregon.gov/dor. The agency's website also includes access to tax forms, payment information and other Oregon-related tax resources.