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Tek rebrands to match company's changing direction

Longtime instrument maker shifting focus from hardware to applications.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Tektronix President Pat Byrne unveiled the company's new logo at a recent employee meeting.As an enduring rock star of the technology world, Beaverton-based Tektronix is undergoing a makeover for its 70th birthday while it keeps on rolling out fresh material.

The iconic electronics company today unveiled a new logo design to better reflect “the next phase of the company’s evolution, one focused on accelerating the realization of innovative, world-changing technologies,” according to a news release.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - The company's 'monogram' version of its new logo will be used when a compact version of its brand identity is needed.The rebranding marks the most significant change in Tektronix’s visual identity in 24 years, and the logo will be incorporated over time on the company’s products, communications and its buildings off Southwest Jenkins Road.

“The new logo design emerged from work we completed on behalf of our customers,” said Pat Byrne, president of Tektronix. “Through this process we interviewed over a thousand customers, partners and employees worldwide to gain insight into buyer behaviors and trends. The result is a clear focus for our brand on why customers choose our products and services.”

Founded in 1946, Tektronix has been a leader in producing instruments that engineers and inventors use to take complex measurements while developing their own products, but Byrne acknowledged that technology and their customers are rapidly changing.

“We have been moving toward a stronger focus on applications and solutions to address specific customer needs,” Byrne said in the release. “The new brand strategy reflects our evolution from a product-centric hardware company to an application-focused technology company focused on accelerating the measurement insight path for our customers with increasing accuracy, speed and ease.”

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Tektronix officials say its new logo pays homage the Beaverton company's long history but takes aim at a changing future.

Compare the new logos above to the one in use the past two dozen years:

SUBMITTED PHOTO - This is Tek's current logo, which will be phased out of use over time as the Beaverton company rebrands to reflect its evolving business.