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Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle highlights successes in State of the City address

Doyle points to jobs, investments, safety, diversity and more

Photo Credit: TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle gestures while addressing the crowd during his annual State of the City address at Arts & Communication Magnet Academy on Wednesday night.Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle's annual State of the City address at Arts & Communication Magnet Academy on Wednesday began with a string quartet and an hour of hors d'oeuvres and networking, then continued by celebrating a long list of the city's successes over the past year.

Doyle, Beaverton's mayor since 2009, was introduced by Ava Roasteria owner Amy Saberiyan as “the voice of Beaverton” and lauded for his embrace of diversity and his advocacy for the city's youth.

“Giving young adults a reason to stay at home, reach for their goals and build their future has been one of Denny's goals,” Saberiyan said.Photo Credit: TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Ava Roasteria owner Amy Saberiyan introduces Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle prior to his annual State of the City address on Wednesday at Arts & Commuication Magnet Academy.

Then, following a long list of area government officials and other local dignitaries in attendance at ACMA's auditorium, Doyle took off on a 45-minute recitation of his city's many successes in the previous 12 months.

In part, Doyle listed the following accomplishments the city celebrated over the past year:

— A drop in the city's unemployment rate from 5.9 percent to 5.3 percent;

— Nike, Beaverton’s largest private-sector employer, recently submitted plans to construct over 1 million new square feet of office space at the World Headquarters Campus as part of a $150 million expansion and has already added more than 2,000 jobs;

— The adoption of the Community Plan for South Cooper Mountain, an area Doyle described as “Beaverton’s next livable community,” and the eventual home to nearly 9,000 residents as well as Beaverton’s next high school.

— The relocation of city hall and its attendant offices to the Beaverton Building at The Round, a move Doyle touted for its $8.65 million purchase price and simultaneous negation of $13 million in previous lease obligations at the same building; further, the building is now at 100 percent occupancy and brings in some $900,000 a year in rent.

Beyond those items, Doyle listed a number of other substantial investments that had come to Beaverton in the past year, celebrated new water projects, detailed the successes of the city's library system, highlighted the city's commitment to supporting diversity, and noted the many successes of city government itself.Photo Credit: TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle's  annual State of the City address at Arts & Communication Magnet Academy on Wednesday night was kicked off by a performance of the national anthem.

Regarding city services, Doyle touted positive results from a survey of local residents, highlighted the continued success in budgetary process, and listed Beaverton's place as one of the country's safest and most livable places.

Further, he thanked the many volunteers that help make Beaverton work, many of those involved in the city's Neighborhood Association Committees, groups that represent neighborhoods — “They're our heartbeat and our soul,” Doyle said.

The lone loss Doyle noted from the previous 12 months was the defeat of the public safety levy, an item he promised would be brought back to the public again in the coming year.

“The need is real. We're determined to see that need met,” he said.

There, is of course, additional work to be done in Beaverton, and Doyle said his focus in the coming year will include three items: investing in Beaverton’s “Open for Business” reputation, getting the upcoming WCCLS Library Operating Levy passed, and continuing to build community partnerships.

“Just like the teamwork required when I coached in my daughter’s sports teams, our community is at its best when we are working toward the same goal,” he said.


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