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What Students Say / Nancy Ryles Elementary School

What’s your favorite thing about the change to fall weather?

“Even when the weather is cold, you can still have a fun time. After being outside, you can have a cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top. Another thing I like about the fall is that I get to go shopping for warmer clothes.”

Jamila Gomez, fourth grade

“I like the rain. I like to be wet and besides, I’m an Oregonian. I like to splash in puddles.”

— Dominic Wiley, fourth grade

Kylie StillwellJohn CrossJamila Gomez

Dominic WileyAidan VanderhaeidenLindsey Robbins

“My favorite thing about the fall weather is that when it snows, my friends and I can go sledding, although the snow doesn’t always come.”

Aidan Vanderhaeiden, third grade

“I like when the leaves change. I also like it because the apples are ready to be picked and so are the pumpkins.”

John Cross, third grade

“I like the fall weather because there’s rain after the hot summer. The flowers and everything that needs water can get water now and grow in the spring.”

Lindsey Robbins, fifth grade

“I like the color of the leaves because it makes it feel more like November. I like it when it rains hard because where I live, it floods and it’s hard to get into my apartment. So when I don’t want to go outside, my parents can’t make me because of the high water. “

— Kylie Stillwell, fifth grade