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What Students Say / Aloha High School

With the looming school boundary change, how would you make people feel at ease about Aloha High School?

“I would recommend to put yourself out there; build a relationship with your teachers and find new friends. Everyone welcomes you here. Since this is my first year, I've taken advantage of the opportunities and have already become one of the golden dozen students here. It's an opportunity where you can shine and show all of your achievements. I think that you have to do the best that you can and be involved and be yourself.”

Hisela Lopez, sophomore

“Aloha High is a friendly school. Teachers are involved with what you do. They take the time out of their day and help you pass your classes and help you do well at school.”

Yadira Perez, senior

Braden FosterDeion PopeHisela Lopez

Kaye DelachicaOscar GarciaYadira Perez

“What I like about Aloha is that they give you an opportunity to be leaders. In our marketing program, we are able to work hands-on with real businesses. In activities like Key Club, we learn from service work we do in the community and learn how to be a leader on an international level. Aloha High School is very welcoming and welcomes you with open arms. We may not be the best in sports, but no matter how we end up, we're always the most spirited in happiness.”

Kaye Delachica, junior

“We have a lot of school spirit here. The other schools in our district are positive but Aloha has one of the more accepting crowds. The students who transfer here from different schools end up loving it here more than where they were at before. We provide a positive vibe here at school. I've enjoyed all four years here. I like the classes I have this senior year. I'm going to miss this place when I go.”

Braden Foster, senior

“I transferred here my sophomore year from Lincoln High School. Their high school was really divided between groups of people. But here at Aloha, I feel comfortable and it feels like a real high school. Everybody gets along; there isn't a hierarchy of people. Everybody is nice and friendly; it doesn't matter if you play a sport or if you're in band or choir, you can find a friend in each group. People will love you for who you are and you don't have to be this person that you are not. The staff is really nice. You have teachers that actually care and try hard for you to pass your classes so that you will graduate.”

Deion Pope, senior

“If you come to Aloha, don't be scared to talk to people because people here are very accepting. Also, get involved with anything you can like AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), which is a program that helps you get ready for college is a good way to meet people."

Oscar Garcia, sophomore