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What Students Say / Meadow Park Middle School

What are you doing to prepare yourself for high school?

“It will be a big step from Meadow Park. I know that classes in science and math will be harder and will involve more work time. I am a little nervous of more students being around me.”

Shabir Monger, eighth grade

“I’ve been preparing for high school by playing basketball in a community where I play with high schoolers. By playing with them and talking with them, I am learning the do’s and don’ts of high school and getting a preview of high school. This year, I’m also taking a high school math class so I’ll get familiar with the curriculum that I’ll be taking next year.”

Cara Iwanaga, eighth grade

Cara IwanagaCitlaly RuelasJonas Larson

Shabir MongerKatie BennionMichael Musangu

“I’m in band at middle school, and on two of nights of the week, we go over to Westview High School and play with their band. I’ve been getting used to the classes and the environment there. Also, I’ve been taking high school level classes so I can prepare for the academics there.”

— Katie Bennion, eighth grade

“I’ve been getting involved with the community and am getting used to how high school may be. I think being involved with the band program and being involved with that community, I’ll be able to make friends in high school.”

Michael Musangu, eighth grade

“I’m preparing for high school by volunteering at Barnes Elementary school every Thursday morning. I’m also preparing for high school by being involved in sports like by playing volleyball.”

— Citlaly Ruelas, eighth grade

“I’ve been preparing for high school by taking tests for placements in math and language. I’ve also been going over information and making sure I have the knowledge I’ll need for classes so I won’t be surprised.”

Jonas Larson, eighth grade