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What Students Say/ Whitford Middle School

What’s the most important thing our government ought to spend taxes on?

“I think the government should make more classes that would benefit the students that will be leaving high school and going to college. Classes like how to pay for taxes, how to get health care or how to provide for your family. I’m definitely worried about getting into college and … not knowing what I’m supposed to do in the real world. I can learn it from my parents since it would be hard to do that on my own.”

Frances Myers, eighth grade

Ahmed RicksFrances MyersHannah Rice

Kaushik PahujaKiara Rivas VazquezTyler Ratsavong

“I would say that the government should give money to those who need it, especially to those who are injured or get sick. And also, I think money should be given to those who can’t afford education.”

Hannah Rice, sixth grade

“I think it would be important to invest money to make education better. Also, providing money to the homeless and pay for hospitals, especially those who need them.”

Kiara Rivas Vazquez, sixth grade

“I think money could be used to provide classroom supplies and new furniture such as tables and chairs for schools. I think that would help me be a better student and allow me to focus.”

Ahmad Ricks, seventh grade

“U.S.A. is ranked 21st in education and should be ranked higher and compete with countries like China or India. I think we’re spending most of our money on military. We should invest more money in our education.”

Tyler Ratsavong, seventh grade

“I’m OK with the way our government spends its money, but I think it should spend more on education for the next generation. If we don’t invest more then America is going to go down the drain. It really matters what the next generation does.”

Kaushik Pahuja, eighth grade