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What Students Say / Westview High School

“With the Oregon Primary coming up, who do you support for president?”

“I would most likely vote for Bernie Sanders because of all the negative attention that Donald Trump is getting. I like Bernie because of the idea of free college. It’s a concern for me because I’m planning for college and it’s something I need to think about. Donald seems to be pretty extreme about things (and) I’m not sure I agree with a lot of what he’s saying.”

Joshua Flag, junior

“I would vote for Bernie Sanders because he seems like the best candidate. I think that the options that he’s proposed are more reasonable and better than other candidates when it comes to offering free college and about immigration.”

Nicole Paredes, sophomore

Amanda CookIslam AbdallaJennifer Kang

Josh YarrJoshua FlagNicole Paredes

“I would vote for Bernie Sanders because I agree with all his points such as being for pro-abortion and gay rights. He’s just equal for everyone and that’s how I feel. I feel like everyone should be treated equally. And, since I plan to go to college, it will be very expensive; free college is a good idea. I wouldn’t want Trump to be president because he is a very hateful person and that’s not what we need.”

Amanda Cook, junior

“I think Bernie Sanders would be a good president because he believes in free college. That would be beneficial to high schoolers who plan to go big with their future. I also like that he’s for legalizing marijuana. It has benefits for those who have cancer. It help those people who are going through chemotherapy.”

— Josh Yarr, freshman

“I like Bernie Sanders the best out of the candidates for president because he would treat people more equal and not promote hate.”

Islam Abdalla, sophomore

“I would say Bernie Sanders. I think that free college could motivate high school students to go to college. I just like how social he is. But I also like Clinton because she’s more experienced and more familiar with issues.”

Jennifer Kang, freshman