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What Students Say / Beaverton High School

What is special about being part of Beaverton High School’s 100th year?

“It’s so special to be a part of Beaverton’s 100th year because you get to see the traditions that have been built up and it’s played out in everything we do at this school. It’s so awesome to be a part of it. One of the traditions that we brought back is during football games after each touchdown we get to ring the bell that was in the original school building. ”

— Kylee Rench, junior

Beth LauerKen CavanaughKylee Rench

Peter VosRobert MckizzieSam Noyer

“Beaverton’s 100th year is special to me because I feel like the community has grown a lot over the 100 years. This year, the seniors are really nice and communicate with the lower classmen. The 100th year of Beaverton High is pretty impressive that we’ve made it this far.“

— Beth Lauer, sophomore

“Beaverton High is obviously a school that tradition is important to and it’s been here for 100 years and will be here for another 100. I think it’s really cool to be a part of this important date in history. Something special that recently happened was when the Metro (League) community came together for Nathalie Traller. That really marks how community is so important and how this class’ generation is so different from the past.”

— Ken Cavanaugh, senior

“The fact that I’m in the 100th graduating class is pretty special. You can see that everybody really thinks that this will be a special year. Throughout the community, people love Beaverton High no matter what. It’s a special year and we’re all enjoying it. It’s a cool feeling that my dad graduated from Beaverton High and shares stories with me when he went here, which some of them are the same as me. We can relate to each other and it’s a fun thing.”

— Sam Noyer, senior

“It’s cool because we have 100 years worth of culture and tradition and spirit that all mingles into one celebration. I’m a part of that celebration being a senior, and my class being the 100th graduating class is a really cool thing that a lot of people don’t get to experience. We have many traditions here and one is the Beaver Nation Migration. Our rival is Southridge High School, which was built a few years ago, and when we play a football game at their school, we as a school will walk from here to there. We get 300-500 students who take part in that.”

— Peter Vos, senior

“It shows how far we as a school have come along over the years. I want to continue to be a part of the leadership so I can lead community groups and build better relationships. Being a part of the 100th year is amazing. I’m glad to be here and start high school here. I hope this year, we can accomplish things that will help build opportunities for others.”

--- Robert Mckizzie, freshman