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What are your plans for spring break?

“I’m gonna get some sleep, catch up on homework and visit my grandfather. He’s recovering from surgery. I really enjoy visiting with him every time I see him.”

Tyler McDonald, eighth grade

“I plan to go to the beach for the week and relax at our beach house. My sister is coming home from college and I look forward to spending time with her.”

Geneva Hall, senior

Elijah WheelerEmily ForsmanGeneva Hall

Julia JordanKian ChildTyler McDonald

“I’m excited because I will be getting a job as a lifeguard and will be paid. Before this I was volunteering as a junior lifeguard. Other than that, I plan to write a new script for a music video that I hope to enter in a film contest that will be called ‘Walking.’”

Elijah Wheeler, sophomore

“If the weather is nice, my family and I plan to go to Sand Lake and ride our quads because we love doing that. I’m getting a new camera for my birthday and am excited to use it. I also plan to go to my friend’s birthday party.”

— Julia Jordan, seventh grade

“I plan to spend time with my family and friends, catch up on homework, play tennis and go hiking with my tennis team and practice playing my oboe.”

— Emily Forsman, junior

“I might go visit my brother Daniel in Corvallis; he’s doing his last year at college. Most of the time, I’ll spend time at home, watch movies with friends and try to get some sort of social interaction outside of home.”

— Kian Child, sophomore