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What Students Say / McKay Elementary School

What is your favorite thing about the fall season?

“The thing I like about fall is that Halloween is coming soon. It makes me happy because I’m going to get a lot of candy. I want my costume to be funny. Last year I was a pig. “

— Braulio Ramirez, fourth grade

Braulio RamirezHa TonMichael Driskell

Parsa MousaviYoltzin MatiasZoe Piatt

“I like when the trees change colors. I like playing in the leaves, especially when they crunch and munch.”

— Michael Driskell, kindergarten

“My favorite thing about the fall is Halloween because I like to be scared and I like to scare people. I’m going to dress up as a zombie this year and sneak up behind them and scare them.”

— Yoltzin Matias, fifth grade

“I like the fall season because my birthday is in November, I also like fall because of the different colors of leaves. I also like the fall because it’s not as hot outside.”

— Parsa Mousavi, third grade

“I like the leaves because they’re pretty. I like them because they’re red, yellow and orange. I like to play and jump in the leaves, too. I like the fall season because I know that winter is just around the corner.”

— Ha Ton, second grade

“I like the apples. I like apples because they’re crunchy and sweet. Sometimes I go to a place called Parson’s Farms next to my house. I like their Golden apples. I like it when my mom makes apple pie.”

— Zoe Piatt, first grade