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What Students Say/McKinley Elementary School

What is something that you learned about yourself that you’re good at?

“I’m good at art. Two days ago, I discovered I was good after drawing an airplane at an airport.”

Amelia Pfundheller, first grade

Albert ChavezAmelia PfundhellerBrianna Jones

Harper BarreLisa AlgalarrondoMatthew So

“I’m good at doing cartwheels. I’ve been practicing since I was 4 years old and now I know how to them. I like to do cartwheels because it can make you strong and have good balance.”

Lisa Algalarrondo, kindergarten

“I learned I was good at soccer. When I go out on recess and play, I’m pretty good at passing to my friends and can kick the ball really far.”

Albert Chavez, second grade

“I’m pretty good at basketball. I got introduced to it by my mom, aunt and my grandpa who all played it. When I would scrimmage with my teammates, I could dribble past them and make a basket and they couldn’t stop me. I have been getting better and better the more I practiced.”

Brianna Jones, fifth grade

“I’m good at doing HTML coding. I found out that coding was offered here at school and since then, I’ve been so interested in it and have been watching videos and have been reading about it. It gets easier and easier for me. It’s a language that I never knew. It’s like English; once you learned that language, you know it.”

Matthew So, third grade

“Something I found out I’m good at school is math. I don’t know how I’m good at it, I just know lots of facts and multiplication. It makes me proud and happy that I know I’m good at something that I could use at a job later in life.”

Harper Barre, fourth grade