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What Students Say/ Montclair Elementary School

Friday is Earth Day, what should we do to help our planet?

“Don’t litter and clean up after people who are bad for littering. Litter is garbage and it’s not healthy for the earth. I try to pick up trash and put it into the nearest trash can.”

Oliver Carlson, second grade

Isobel BrownKai SinaKeenan Reckamp

Magda SkarbonkiewiczNoelle NokesOliver Carlson

“After you eat a candy bar, don’t just try and throw the wrapper in the trash, just walk to the trash and put it in there. Also, don’t leave glass bottles on the beach because when I go there, I see a lot of glass bottles everywhere.”

Isobel Brown, fifth grade

“I think you should make a goal for yourself and pick up 20 pieces of trash each day. That way, animals won’t eat it and won’t die. Overall, it helps the environment.”

Noelle Nokes, third grade

“We could help by cleaning up the beaches, especially when there’s trash that goes into the water. The animals in the water can’t live as well as we can.”

Keenan Reckamp, third grade

“I saw people that were driving down the road that throw their cigarettes on the road and thought people should stop doing that. Also, on a hike with my mom, I saw trash along the trail and thought that people should stop leaving their trash there, too.”

— Kai Sina, fifth grade

“I think we should ride our bikes more often instead of using our cars that use gas. Gas can pollute our air; that means we breath dirty air and not clean air.”

Magda Skarbonkiewicz, fourth grade