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What Students Say / Raleigh Park Elementary School

It was “National Fly a Kite Day” on Monday — have you ever flown a kite?

“I flew a kite once at the beach. I thought it was hard at first to get the kite to fly, but once I got it to fly, it was exciting. The kite I flew was a princess kite and I still have it.”

Jada Rush, fifth grade

“I have never flown a kite but I would like to because it looks like fun. It doesn’t seem that hard to fly. When I do fly a kite, I think it will be something to do to get your mind off things and help calm you down when you’re mad or sad about something. I would like to fly a kite at the beach because it’s open with lots of space.”

Colby Groh, fifth grade

Jada RushJoelene CabreraLucas Fabian

Anastasiya LimAntonio Marmolejo SeguraColby Groh

“I flew a kite once before in California. It was a rainbow one that had a traditional shape to it. I thought it was fun because you had to run along with it and to see that little kite go so high in the sky. I hope to fly a kite again some time.”

Joelene Cabrera, fourth grade

“I haven’t flown a kite yet, but I want to. I have made a kite before but I haven’t flown it. It really hasn’t been a goal yet of mine to fly one.”

Lucas Fabian, third grade

“I’ve flown a kite before and it was fun. I flew it by my house. It was hard to fly because it was a windy day and the string was pulling hard. The kite eventually went up in the air. The next time I fly a kite, I want to do it while I’m camping.”

— Antonio Marmolejo Segura, first grade

“I haven’t flown a kite yet because I live in an apartment. I also think my parents would say that I would fly away with the kite and get stuck. But I would like to fly a kite someday. I’m sure my first time it would be windy and I would have to hold on tight to the handle.”

— Anastasiya Lim, second grade