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Cedar Hills Apartments installs 'gnormous' gnome

TIMES PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Mike Sharp opens the box on an enormous gnome statue at the Cedar Hills Apartment. The figure will remain white, but a multi-colored spotlight will lend it nearly endless hues.The newest resident at the Cedar Hills Apartments is three feet taller than former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal but can’t jump worth a darn.

The new tenant is a gnome. A shiny, white, “gnormous” gnome.

The complex — located near the intersection of Southwest Butner Road and Cedar Hills Boulevard — on Aug. 20 unveiled a 10-foot-tall gnome statue weighing in at nearly 3,000 pounds of glass fiber-reinforced cement. Its goofy grin overlooks the swimming pool at the 1970s-era complex, which is wrapping up a $6.5 million renovation that was recently featured in the Beaverton Valley Times.

The complex’s owners wanted something a bit whimsical to set the property apart, aside

from all of the modern upgrades made with subtle nods to the complex’s groovy beginn-ings.

The statue also is a nod to a gnome garden tended for years by longtime residents of Cedar Hills Apartments, which were previously named the Cedar Hills Ivy Club Apartments.