Oregon needs Brown as secretary of state

I am writing to urge fellow residents and small business owners of Beaverton to re-elect Secretary of State Kate Brown. Oregonians need someone in that office who views government as a partner to small business rather than an adversary, and who understands exactly what Oregon businesses need to grow and thrive. Kate Brown has done just that and more.

Under Secretary Kate Brown’s leadership, the Corporation Division has become more collaborative and responsive to small businesses. Take, for example, Business Xpress, Secretary Brown’s answer to the frustrations people conveyed about all of the red tape they kept running into trying to register, update, license, permit or certify their company. Now business leaders and entrepreneurs can go to this online clearinghouse, and everything they need is right at their fingertips.

Secretary Brown is gifted at finding creative ways to fulfilling unmet needs while supporting Oregon’s economy and making government more accessible to citizens. For instance, the state needed to come up with a better, cheaper way to electronically archive government records and make them more accessible to the public. She partnered with a small business in Baker City to do just that — and it also created jobs in Eastern Oregon.

Government will be a friend and partner to the business community’s success as long as Kate Brown remains our secretary of state — that is exactly why we need to keep her in office.

Tom Tibbs


Buehler is right in concern for sanctity of Oregon votes

“Progressive spirit” is simply one step beyond liberal on the path to socialism. Thomas Peterffy, who grew up in communist Hungary, came to America and became a very successful businessman, states it perfectly in his famous video: “Yes in socialism, the rich will be poorer. But, the poorer will also be poorer.”

Ms. Brown’s comments that there is no voting fraud is dubious, at best. It is not hard to imagine voting fraud in Oregon. Knute Buehler is correct in his concern about the sanctity of Oregon’s votes.

There is no “right-wing war on voting.” That comment is beneath the dignity of a secretary of state. Many of us have a legitimate concern about the security of our votes.

No. 1. Most public employees in the secretary of state’s office and county clerk offices throughout Oregon are Democrats. Their paychecks depend on public employee unions’ support.   

No. 2. Public employee unions financially support Democratic candidates almost 100 percent.

No. 3. Democratic elected officials and public employees in return give the unions whatever they want.

No. 4. Last, who controls the ballot boxes for weeks on end? The public employees of the county clerk’s office.   

This is the whole corruption of the relationship between all public employee unions and the Democratic Party. Quid pro quo.

So, Ms. Brown, you need to prove that your office and every county clerk’s office has a fail-proof system that all votes are from legal voters who actually voted themselves.

George Thompson


Brown brings extensive government experience

Kate Brown deserves to be retained as secretary of state. What most people don’t know is that the secretary of state takes over if the governor is incapacitated. That means we want someone with extensive experience in state government.

More importantly, as chief auditor, Kate Brown has been energetic in pursuing efficiencies in state agencies and has helped save over $180 million. Kate stands for leaner and more efficient government. Finally, Kate is a strong advocate for small business, the driver of Oregon’s economic engine. She has streamlined business registration, and Oregon is in the top 10 states in terms of ease of doing business.

Kate is honest and hard working. Oregon needs Kate Brown for another four years.

Gerritt Rosenthal


Return Harker to state House to fight for our kids

With class sizes exploding in Washington County, our students need help. Try to imagine the kind of lawmaker who might fight for our kids.

How about a former local businessman whose kids went through public schools, has an educator-wife and currently has children in the Oregon higher education system?

Chris Harker cares about education and is well-placed in legislative committees to actually do something about it.

I urge my friends and Washington County neighbors to keep Chris Harker in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Bruce Hansen


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