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Beaverton schools set their sights on long-term solutions


Our district’s teacher transfer process has been an ongoing concern this fall. Our employees and community have experienced tremendous loss following the reduction of 344 positions. After years of budget cutbacks in Beaverton due to inadequate funding, it simply was not possible to cut $37 million in staffing in one year without experiencing significant pain throughout our schools. The disruption of the transfer process has been substantial, and we are far from pleased with the end product. We must look for opportunities to find solutions for the near and distant future.

We must ensure we do not experience a repeat of this transfer situation. The most immediate focus is on making adjustments to the formal transfer process. Currently, we are working with the Beaverton Education Association to identify future possibilities. While there are no placement guarantees for next year, district leadership and the BEA will do whatever we can to establish new norms in our district. We anticipate being able to provide details about our progress prior to winter break.

Our second area of focus is to ensure adequate time for appropriate teacher placements next year. This means the staffing development will begin months earlier than it has over the past several years. This will provide more time for determining suitable assignments as the workforce changes.

The district will also be making recommendations to the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission and state legislators to ensure teacher licensure accurately reflects a teacher’s content area expertise and skills and properly aligns with Federal Highly Qualified teacher requirements.

As we look toward the future, we are focusing on long-term solutions to our current reality. We are committed to building collective responsibility and ownership for our schools. We must come together to work toward united and transformative solutions. We must never lose hope.

Beginning in late January, we will begin a formal series of conversations that seeks input and guidance from our community about our dreams for our students, what we want our schools to be known for and our shared responsibilities for ensuring results. More details about this process will be announced soon.  

Finally, our students are depending on us to ensure they are college and career ready when they leave our schools. How we respond as a community will be a test of our shared strength, leadership and commitment to students and excellence.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in Beaverton schools.

Jeff Rose serves as superintendent of the Beaverton School District.