Linda Degman has professional experience board needs

Thank you for recently highlighting the strengths of those running for Beaverton School Board. Not only has Linda Degman effectively served on the School Board this past year, but also in many other volunteer roles for area youth. She and her husband have been involved with youth sports for 20 years, serving as president and vice-president of Sunset JBO Baseball and Softball and the Sunset Youth Football Programs. They have stored equipment, negotiated field usage with Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, organized fundraisers, found coaches and kept programs alive! Linda’s dedication to the schools as a parent volunteer is unequaled. And having seven children attend a variety of Beaverton schools has allowed her to meet quite possibly half the staff the district. With her clear support of schools all these years, I highly recommend Linda Degman for School Board! She has great personal experience and as stated in the recent Voter’s Pamphlet, professional financial experience, as well.

Katja Freeborn

Cedar Mill

Congratulations Nike, on your local expansion

As the mayor of Beaverton, it is with a tremendous amount of pleasure that I congratulate Nike on its decision to expand in Washington County. This is a huge win not only for Washington County, but for Beaverton, the region and the state of Oregon. More than 1,000 Nike employees currently call Beaverton home, and with new housing starts across the street such as 45 Degree Central and in South Cooper Mountain, I fully expect that number to grow. Nike also wears the crown as the largest private sector employer inside our Beaverton city limits. Nike reports that on average, their employees earn more than $100,000 per year, which is twice that of the statewide average. It is my strong opinion that Nike is good for Beaverton — its employees serve this community by volunteering for example on the Beaverton School Board, the Beaverton Education Foundation, Beaverton Chamber Board of Directors and countless other community and business organizations. One collaborative example is the Nike School Innovation Fund, which has provided about $2.6 million to the Beaverton School District in the last five years to support early learners and teacher and principal leadership teams. In addition, Nike pays $7.5 million per year in total property taxes of which $2.5 million goes to the Beaverton School District. Our partnership with Nike is deeply valued, not only for what it brings to Beaverton, but what it offers our state. On behalf of the city of Beaverton, I congratulate Nike and Washington County. Bringing new jobs to Washington County helps us all. We welcome the company’s expansion with open arms — and minds.

Denny Doyle

Beaverton mayor

Schools should do better with funding they have

Where are the advocates for defeat of Beaverton's school tax levy? Despite Beaverton's "cutbacks" over the past few years, more is spent per student than in many countries who's students far outperform ours. Why not offer a less-expensive, simplified curriculum focused on practical occupational needs?

This levy will suddenly add $375 per year to the property tax burden of anyone living even in a modest property assessed at $300,000, no matter how much under water they might already be on that property. We're all trying to get by on less money; why should the schools demand to be different? Let the schools do better with what they already have.

David Miller

Rock Creek

Stop penalizing our kids, support school levy

I work for a large private employer with revenues close to $1 billion annually in the Beaverton/Portland area, and I strongly support voting yes for the Beaverton school levy in this May's election. My company needs the ability to attract highly qualified and skilled people to the area to work for us. These people will only relocate to communities that provide good schools for their kids to attend. Beaverton schools are overcrowded, with over 30 kids per teacher in elementary classrooms, and it is even worse at our high schools. Stop penalizing our kids, our businesses and our future and vote yes for the Beaverton school levy this May. Thank You.

Chris Walton


Greg Cody is best choice for park district board

In the 20 years I have known Greg Cody and his family, I can say that he is passionate and knowledgeable on Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District projects and issues. Most importantly, Greg's vision for managing this rapidly growing area shows great wisdom and common sense. Electing Greg to the THPRD Board will be a natural extension of the many years he has been an important part of the district, and assure us of a consistency in policy and common-sense management of THPRD resources. If you like what THPRD has been accomplishing in our neighborhoods, thank Greg and elect him to the district board.

Tom Woods


Keep Linda Degman representing Zone 7 on board

I am writing to support Linda Degman as School Board Director for Zone 7 of the Beaverton School District. As a parent of two children in the Beaverton School District, our family has experienced the challenges of budget cuts throughout the district. I believe we need a director who has experience during these difficult times. I support Linda because of her current experience both through being a current board member and her work at Portland Community College. Linda’s involvement in the Beaverton School District as a parent volunteer also shows her support and passion for our district to be successful in providing an environment for our children to learn and grow as individuals. Linda’s priorities of seeking funding support for our schools to reduce class size and focusing on student growth and development matches my goals for our district. We need someone with strong communication skills to continue to work with the district’s administration and other board directors, and Linda has shown this through her current work. I encourage you to support Linda Degman in her re-election to the School Board.

Kim Veenhuis

Cedar Mill

Degman has volunteered in schools at every level

Linda Degman is the best choice to represent Zone 7 on the Beaverton School Board. Linda has several important qualifications her two opponents don’t have. She is a current School Board member who has a working knowledge of how the board works and what it can accomplish. She has seven children — all have attended Beaverton public schools, unlike her opponents who do not have children in Beaverton’s public schools. Linda’s youngest is a kindergartner, so she is in this for the long haul. Linda Degman has shown her strong commitment to our schools by volunteering for 18 years at every level in the district from K-12. She knows the challenges our students and teachers face. She has volunteered at the elementary, middle and high school levels as well as on the district Budget Committee and now as a School Board member. And I have seen first-hand how Linda thoughtfully listens to, addresses and responds to the concerns of parents and staff. Her professional work experience brings an important asset to the board — she manages Portland Community College’s $450 million bond and capital construction program. Her sharp eye for budgeting and fiscal management will be a valuable tool for the School Board as it tackles big issues like the Beaverton School District’s budget and the future construction of a new high school in the south end of the district. Linda’s knowledge about our schools, her proven commitment to improving them and her unique fiscal experience are all reasons that I am voting for Linda Degman for Beaverton School Board and I hope you will too.

Kathy M. Hall

Cedar Mill

Public needs more information about levy funding

I am writing this letter regarding the placing of a special levy for educational funding in the Beaverton School District. My children graduated from Beaverton schools and have gone on to graduate from excellent universities. I support school funding. However, prior to the vote, the public needs clarification as to what is causing the funding crises. Is it PERS, teacher/adminstrative contracts, etc.? We need to know how much of the funding will go directly to promote and enhance the students of our educational system.

Michael Sigell

Oak Hills

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