Environmentalists go too far in opposition of business

Intel is under attack by a radical environmental group — Washington County Citizen Action Network. Here is information right from their website: “Our objective is to educate ourselves and others about the effects of human activities in our natural environment and take action to limit their negative effects.

These effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Air, water, or soil pollution from biological agents;

  • Noise pollution by traffic and growth patterns;

  • Electromagnetic pollution by cellphone towers and transmission lines;

  • Construction pollution by housing, road and other land-use patterns;

  • Agricultural pollution by industrial farming;

  • Irrigation pollution by heavy water usage; and

  • Man-made pollution by climate change.”
  • What that means is they are 100 percent anti-people and anti-business. They believe that protecting the environment is the only thing — far more important than people.

    Look at the above carefully. They want no biological agents to prevent disease, no automobiles, no growth at all, no cellphones, no construction, no large farms (despite the large population that needs fed), no heavy water use (in Oregon). And, of course, they believe that we, the people, cause all global warming. This extreme environmentalist view destroyed the timber industry in the 1980s, and that included 250,000-plus very good wage jobs with it. But, these radical environmentalists simply do not care about the common person. They are really elitists. Then in the 1990s, similar extreme environmentalists started destroying the fishing industry. As a result, the entire Oregon coast is now a depression economy. Very few jobs are much above minimum wage. On their website, they want “Public policies to sustain family wage jobs.” Yet their very extreme environmentalist views are so rigidly anti-business they will destroy/prevent good jobs in Oregon. Those policies do not create any good paying jobs. They only limit and destroy jobs. The attack on the timber and fishing industries are proof. Intel today, another business next week, another one next month, etc.

    They will attack any business and care not one bit about the jobs they destroy.Support Intel and other

    businesses to create a good economic future for Oregon. Otherwise, even the Portland metro area will be as economically depressed as rural Oregon already is.

    George Thompson is a Beaverton resident.

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