Life after running back Thomas Tyner, head coach Chris Casey, and a batch of all-star caliber role players has began at Aloha.

Not that the Warriors are crying over spilled milk.

The Warriors possess enough talent and winning pedigree to put up a fight against their Metro counterparts. Casey didn’t leave the talent cupboard empty by any means and new head coach Bill Volk is Aloha’s former defensive coordinator who was around for what many consider the golden era of Warrior football.

“This whole team, I think they’ve accepted a new challenge that’s there’s a new group of leadership amongst the kids and coaching staff,” said Volk. “But, the same thing stands true: we’re green, and gold through and through. We’ll show up on Friday nights, give it our best and see if we can give ‘em hell.”

by: TIMES PHOTO: DAN BROOD  - Aloha wide receiver/defensive back Maurice McSwain is dangerous with the ball in his hands and one of the Warriors team leaders.


Wide receiver Maurice McSwain, quarterback Nick Kraustcheid, offensive linemen Josh Schmitt and Joseph Romero were picked co-captains by their teammates because they’re willing to go above and beyond what’s expected of them as leaders.

“They’re good young men in the classroom and society,” said Volk. “They’re willing to put in the extra time. If a teammate asks them a question about a play or where to find something or which coach is responsible for gear or playbook, they’re totally available for everybody.”

Volk said Aloha wants to focus their offense around McSwain’s game-breaking abilities by getting the senior star out in space in one-on-one scenarios.

“We want to get him the rock. He’s going to be a weapon for us,” said Volk. “If we get him in the open, I’ll take that bet any day. It’s fun to watch to a kid like that.

“He brings a lot of confidence to the huddle by having Mo (McSwain) in that huddle,” continued Volk. “Just his presence demands the respect of his teammates. He works extremely hard studying the game. He wants the ball and he’s the guy at the helm for us.”

Kraustcheid got a dose of playoff experience last season and has the football intelligence that Volk seeks in signal caller. More than just a vigilant quarterback, the senior brings a sense of calm to the gridiron that seeps to the rest of his teammates.

“He’s like a coach on the field,” said Volk. “He sees some things and he’s always communicating with guys. His biggest attribute is his poise in the huddle as well as in the pocket. We’re working on things with him, trying to complete his game.”

Richard Belog backs up Kraustcheid at quarterback and was described by Volk as a “Slash” type of field general, a dual-threat multi-purpose player. Belog can also play running back or slot wide receiver.

“He’s a weapon,” Volk said of Belog. “If we want to bring our No. 2 quarterback in and things aren’t going well our whole offense might change. He brings such a versatility to us and can do a lot for us.”

Jourdan Dixon started at wide receiver last season but is moving down to tight end this season as a senior. Volk said Dixon quickly picked up the interior blocking skills needed to hang around the line and he has the receiver skills to be a threat downfield. Running back Calvin Davis backed up Tyner a year ago and should see a fair amount of carriers.

“I have some high hopes that their talent is going to lead us,” said Volk. “We have some packages and different weapons but we just have to bring them together as one. One goal, one direction, one team.”

Romero (6’0”, 200 pounds) is entering his third varsity season at center. Schmitt (6’2”, 230) has the most experience of any of the returning Warrior linemen.

All of the Aloha trenchmen are young but Volk said they were willing to put time in during the summer as group, studying the playbook, examining defensive fronts and blocking schemes.

“They’re more of a seasoned, young group,” said Volk. “They’re not too green but they haven’t been challenged yet.”


Aloha returns all of their starting defensive backs, headed by the all-league caliber McSwain, Belog and Davis as well as two subs who saw time last year.

“That’s a strength of our defense, our pass defense and perimeter game,” said Volk.

Dylan Griffin and Trevor Yarnell anchor a linebacking core that can fly around and make plays.

Last year, Schmitt played behind current Brigham Young defensive end Brayden Kearsley. The second stringers on the defensive line who sat behind that loaded senior class last season will get their opportunity to carry on the Warrior tradition up front.

“It’s their time to shine and step up,” said Volk. “They had a heck of a role model last year in that group of seniors. They’re green too, but they’re seasoned as well.”

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