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Clackamas County’s average weekly wages increased more in 2012 than Oregon’s other largest counties. Large counties being defined as those with employment of 75,000 or more as measured by 2011 annual average employment.

According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from the fourth quarter of 2011 to the fourth quarter of 2012, Clackamas County recorded the largest rate of increase, registering a gain of 4.2 percent.

All five of Oregon’s large counties recorded wage gains during the same period. Along with Marion County, Clackamas County ranked in the top half nationwide in wage growth. Lane, Multnomah and Washington counties reported wage increases of 2.7 percent or less, with Washington posting the smallest increase at 1.4 percent.

Though Clackamas County’s weekly wages increased more than the surrounding area, the dollar amount is still below Washington and Multnomah. Washington County’s average weekly wage came in at $1,101 per week. Clackamas County’s average was $893.

Employment rose in all five counties during 2012 as well. Clackamas and Multnomah posted the largest employment increases, 2.2 and 2 percent, respectively, exceeding the national rate of 1.9 percent.

Multnomah County reported the largest employment (447,500), followed by Washington County (252,700). The other large counties had employment levels above 125,000. Together, the five large counties accounted for 67.1 percent of Oregon’s total employment.

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