Does anyone care? If so, in what way?

Greg Ellis

Canby City Administrator

Why can’t they come to some resolution on this? It seems like they are being pretty childish, to me — everyone’s brinksmanship is taking it right to the edge.

Greg EllisPersonally, I don’t know if it’s affecting me a lot. In our job, it could affect us. We have grants coming for buses, which are supposed to be ready at the end of the month. Not having a check to pay for that is problematic.

Like everybody else, they need to work together. I don’t know what the process is for calling a Constitutional Congress, but you’d kind of like to call one.

You just wish they would get about the business of the people. They are pretty dysfunctional.

Robert Causworth

Oregon City businessman

I don’t know how right and honest thinking people can’t look at both the Republican and Democrats in Congress and not be disgusted by both.

For Americans, the halting of federal government work should be a bipartisan riot against party politics and lust for power.

But it’s not, it’s a chance for each side to point the finger and their followers to knowingly shake their heads as if they know something. Government in Washington, D.C., has let the American people down and this government shutdown should be the final straw.

It won’t be, though. Most Americans, despite their talk, are sheep being led around by the collar with their Republican or Democratic masters. Politics in this country disgusts me and this shutdown is just another example of how useless these people are.

Dax Legaspi

Sales Rep Canby Herald Newspaper

The politicians are giving their respective versions of the inconvenient truth.

Dax LegaspiBeing in the newspaper industry, we’re always under deadlines. Our revered politicians knew these deadlines were looming and to wait until the 11th hour to try and discuss things kind of weighs on the psyche of the American people.

Most Americans are hardworking and have enough to worry about, so it’s disheartening to think that people we’ve elected and “trusted” to run things can’t or won’t do their jobs effectively.

It incites more uncertainty in the economy and builds up a lot of anxiety the American people shouldn’t have to go through.

Melody Thompson

Former Mayor of Canby

For me, it’s about the bottom line and results. I think we’re all a bit removed, depending on what side of the aisle you fall on, so to speak.

Melody ThompsonIt’s all about the bottom line, getting over the hump, getting through it and giving in for the best interest of the people.

This is not a win for either side when you hold on so hard to your principles that we, the people, veterans and other programs, suffer.

To me that’s not a win.

I think most people think that way and they tend to want to blame one side or the other. People need to get that frustration out.

Someone will give in eventually. It’s just senseless. Since we know what’s going to happen, this is all about posturing. I’ve never believed that leadership through anger was an appropriate way to govern.

Joanie Freeland

Canby resident

I think the shutdown is terrible for the people who work for the federal government and for the veterans who rely on the government for their benefits. I am against anything that threatens the veterans or their benefits.

I’d like to think the shutdown will open people’s eyes, but you can tell that Congress has no wish to work together anymore. The just want to argue, try to undermine the president or tell us how badly the president is doing. You really can’t believe anything that comes out of Washington, D.C., anymore, except the bad news. They seem to be eager to share that with us.

This whole thing is stupidity on top of arrogance.

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