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by: RAY HUGHEY - Ghosts, goblins, storybook characters, fairy princesses and super heroes of every ilk were on the haunt for fun, excitement and goodies last week.

by: RAY HUGHEY - Lila Van Gorder, 3, right, shows off her fairy princess wings to friend Leo McGee, 4Thursday afternoon and evening, trick or treaters bagged a bounty of candy booty from downtown merchants and paraded in costumes down Northwest Second Avenue.

And earlier in the week, a favorite spookfest found a new haunt for a Halloween hangout. The downtown haunted house put on each year by Yvonne and Bill Scott, Donald Gagliardi relocated this year to roomier quarters in Horning Hall at the Clackamas County Event Center.

by: RAY HUGHEY - Amber Winter, 10, sported a bubble gum 'do' for Halloween.In years past, they have operated out of the Canby Mall, the rear of the city planning department and the former police station. Now maybe they can stay in one place for a while, said Yvonne Scott.

This year, instead of everyone trying to troop through in one day, they decided to space it out over three days, she said. About 1,100 visitors went through the attractions — two houses, one kid friendly and one scary.

by: RAY HUGHEY - Serenity Peterson, 6,  decorated her nose with some kitty whiskers.Organizers learned their lesson the first year when they opened with just the scary part and some of the small fry wouldn’t go through. They came back their second year with a kid-friendly Alice in Wonderland attraction.

This year’s kid-friendly attraction deals with another storybook favorite, the Wizard of Oz.

Visitors were greeted at the entrance by Oz himself, Dorothy, the Good Witch Glinda and one of the land’s flying monkeys. Inside, down the familiar yellow brick road, waited Munchkins, the Scarecrow, longing for a brain and the tin man, pining for a heart, all made more magical by black light.

Outside, visitors could even have their photos taken in the hot air balloon that carried Oz into the sky.

Braver visitors who chose the scary path found monsters, zombies, laser lights and assorted creatures of the night.by: RAY HUGHEY -

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