Thanks offered for the support of Bridging Cultures

To the editor:

I want to thank the Canby Public Library and Fred Meyer for supporting Bridging Cultures Saturdays in the Park program.

For those of you who don't know, every other Saturday during the summer, Bridging Cultures sponsors a free lunchtime barbecue in Canby's Locust Street Park. We always have a good time, but it's even better with some entertainment for the kids.

This summer, for the third year in a row, Angelica Novoacordeiro from the library has come and led bilingual children's activities for our events, telling stories and teaching the children crafts and games.

It's great to have the library as a partner, and we also appreciate the grant support from Fred Meyer that makes it possible.

Jason Gingerich


Obamacare not good enough for Democratic congressmen?

To the editor:

Let me see if I understand this correctly: the Democrats in the House wrote the Obamacare bill, and allowed no Republican input. Then the Democrat-controlled House voted "yes" for the bill, with not one Republican voting "yes."

Then the bill was approved by the Democrat-controlled Senate with not one Republican voting "yes." Kurt Schrader, Earl Blumenauer, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley all voted in the affirmative to take away our health care choices. Last week these paragons of virtue, models of righteousness and respectability were exempted from Obamacare, along with their staffers. Exempted from bureaucrats making their health care decisions for them. Exempted from the unconstitutional health care exchanges.

Yes, these worriers for our health care whined and moaned that Obamacare would be too much of a financial burden on them but, apparently, not you. Who knew that nationalizing one-sixth of the economy would affect them? As hardworking Americans, we get up each morning and head off to work to earn a living with our minds and through our labor but, apparently, we’re not bright enough to purchase health care for ourselves.

Working hard, supporting our family, paying our bills, paying taxes is just not good enough for the elected hypocrites. These are busy-bodies of deceit and lies. Purveyors of corruption and payola. These warriors of flim-flam and double-dealing are just representing our best interests because we’re just a bunch of dolts and are incapable of making our own health care decisions.

How much longer will you continue to let these charlatans and imposters destroy the future of our children and grandchildren? As America burns, how long will you continue to remain silent as the big-boot of socialism continues to come down on the necks of our children?

Winnie Savory


(Editor’s Note: For some clarity on this issue, check this website:

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