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Letters to the Editor


Former mayor gave hours to help Aurora move forward

To the editor:

In regards to the resignation of Mayor Greg Taylor in the city of Aurora – I would like to point out that it was never mentioned in any article or news report that the mayor position in Aurora is a volunteer position.

Mr. Taylor gave countless hours of time and hard work to help keep this town running in the right direction. Mr. Taylor is a good man who made a mistake. I, and many others like me, are sorry to see him step down as mayor.

Bill Simon


Saturday event at Wait Park a nice way to say goodbye

To the editor:

Saturday’s Kiss Summer Goodbye event at Wait Park was a nice way to finish up the summer “season” as it were.

The weather was perfect and it was fun to simply enjoy Wait Park and listen to the music. Canby has many great events throughout the summer, so you’d think it kind of risky to try to stuff another one in there, but I think Kiss Summer Goodbye hits just the right note of finality to the summer. Now if summer will only cooperate.

Douglas Henry