Organizers of Kiss Summer Goodbye thanked for effort

To the editor:

I wanted to thank the organizers and volunteers who put together the Kiss Summer Goodbye event last Saturday. Also, thanks to the Canby Herald for dedicating space to show photos of an event I hope grows and becomes part of the Canby fabric.

It was just a fun, relaxed, Canby-friendly event that wasn’t supporting anything other than people’s intention to have fun and relax. What a good way to “close out summer,” although the weather that last few days would seem to indicate otherwise.

Nevertheless, here’s hoping we can Kiss Summer Goodbye next year, too.

Chris Travers


Thanks offered to local business for their efforts

To the editor:

My name is Roy Harvey and I have lived in Canby for quite some time. I just wanted to express my thanks to a Canby business that deserves praise and recognition.

The guys at Canby Ford treat me with great care and excellent service. I bought my Ford Taurus back in 2010 and I just can’t say enough about the whole experience. Tom Sauvain helps me as soon as I walk in the door.

I just want to say, If you haven’t tried Canby Ford you should.

Roy Harvey


Too many loose dogs in Canby needs to be addressed

To the editor:

I don’t know who keeps track of the unleashed or loose dogs in Canby, but there seems to be a lot of dogs running loose through town.

I bet over the past weekend I saw nearly 10 dogs running around Canby without an owner in sight. Some of them had tags on their collars — I could see them hanging down — but almost all of them had collars on. That means that it’s probably someone’s animal.

Owners, could you please look after your dogs. City of Canby, could you please do something with these dogs?

Marty Craig


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