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Community effort helped make program a success — again

To the editor:

On Monday, Dec. 16, at Canby Kiwanis meeting, representatives from Canby Rotary and Canby Telcom stopped by.

Canby Telcom was the first to bring a check for the Community Toy and Food Drive, then presented a second check of matching funds.

The Rotary has been passing the hat at its weekly meetings and presented Canby Kiwanis the results of member donations. The Kiwanis and Rotary are not in competition with each

other in this community. They are both are working to make this a better community.

Remember, the Canby Community Food & toy Drive is exactly that — a community effort.

Keith L. Murphy

Canby Kiwanis

Toy, food drive served more than a 1,000 around Canby

To the editor:

After many months of preparation, almost a thousand hours of volunteer time, and support from a generous community, the 2013 Canby Community Food and Toy Drive was able to provide holiday assistance to 410 local families, including gifts for 1,100 children.

Although there are just too many donations of time, services, and money to thank every contributor publically, we would like to extend special appreciation to the Rite Aid Co. for the use of its building, and to the Canby Rotary Club, Canby Telcom, Canby Disposal, Cutsforth’s Thriftway and Shimadzu USA for their generous financial assistance.

The Canby High School Leadership class deserves accolades for helping coordinate the school food drives and getting all the food to the warehouse. They also raised enough money to purchase 284 hams.

Although spearheaded by the Canby Kiwanis Club, the success of this project is truly a community endeavor. It was so heartwarming to see families, friends, and organizations — youth and senior citizens alike — all pitching in to sort food and toys, fill the boxes and gift bags, and assist in any way we needed them.

It was truly a sense of a community pulling together to help its members in need. We are so proud of our community and what we are able to accomplish when we work together. Thank you.

Sharon Schneider

Canby Kiwanis Club

Canby a special place during Christmas season

To the editor:

What a tremendous place Canby is for most of the year, but it truly shines during the Christmas season. From the tree lighting at Wait Park to the many charitable projects that go to help those less fortunate, Canby residents — and city and staff — just seem to catch the Christmas spirit in a big way. What a wonderful town to live in during the holiday.

And thanks should also go to the Canby Herald for continuing to highlight the people and projects that are going on in the local area. It’s nice to see the photos and read the stories in the Herald each week of December. Seems like there’s always something new or different going on.

Have a Merry Christmas, Canby. You’ve been very good this year.

Sierra Marshall


Monthly Aurora auxiliary flea market helps vets

To the editor:

Good tidings and good gifts have been expressed to so many this year as seen on TV, in the Canby Herald and all the other news media by individuals, organizations, clubs, businesses and merchants galore.

Truly, this 2013 yuletide has been a time of joyous giving, so it would appear. Hopefully, those continuing to have health or financial trials have received a measure of those blessings.

So, to kick off the New Year of 2014, Aurora’s American Legion Auxiliary will faithfully open the Legion hall doors on Saturday, Jan. 4, at 9 a.m. for its first Saturday flea market at 21510 Main St. You see, if we open up, you will come, won’t you, and check out the unusual, quaint, and often needed items offered upstairs and down by the vendors? From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can pick up a quick snack or lunch, prepped by Unit member Amber.

It is the very best way Aurora Unit members have found to continue raising those funds to support veterans up at Portland’s VAMC. Specifically, we take the cereal, dry packaged and canned foods placed in the flea market entryway by shoppers up to the medical center’s liver and kidney transplant units where the patients await surgery.

Some during the wait have need of a caregiver who can prepare meals for them, and when our food barrel is light, we like to help complement with extras.

Thank you for your alliance with us to continue saying, “Thank you, brave servicemen and women, for your faithful protection.”

Mary Lou Burke, PR Chairman

Aurora Unit 110, American Legion Auxiliary

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