Thanks offered for Lion’s Club’s art donations

To the editor:

Much needed art materials given by the Lions Club’s Project Kids to Ackerman Academy are positively appreciated not only by students, but also by volunteer art teachers.

Last year, there was a a six-month, two-days per month schedule by Canby Arts Association members who willingly gave their time and sometimes their own product to instruct student art classes. Those who participated are Dora Gourley, Janet Haskins, Gordon Rasted, Kareen Bayless, Dennis Stafford and Jim Grady, in cooperation with Grace Saad, an Ackerman teacher.

An invitation is extended to those interested in viewing the most recent display of art in the outstanding gallery wall contributed by the Canby Educational Foundation. Artist Kareen Bayless taught three consecutive classes on how to express individuality in the creative history of Zen Tangle. It is a fantastic show of student’s eagerness to learn by example and instruction.

Lions Club’s Project Kids and various volunteer efforts show a community that really cares about the importance of education and involvement.

Laura Sattler

Arts & Culture Advisory Council


Canby’s lone traffic circle needs to be understood

To the editor:

We have only one "traffic circle " in town that I know of, it’s on Northeast Second Avenue, between Cutsforth's Thriftway and the movie theater. You go around the traffic circle counter clock wise and you don't cut across in front of it — which happened a few days ago and a collision was narrowly missed.

When the traffic circle was first established, there were a lot of people doing it wrong.

I guess I should have written then. Anyway, it got a lot better, and then I saw a city pickup cross in front of the circle. So, I guess it is better late than never to educate the public about traffic circles.

Keith Murphy


Canby drivers need to be careful along Highway 99E

To the editor:

The Canby Herald recently had a very informative story about the work that’s started along Highway 99E on three separate intersections in town.

I’ve noticed the workers out there and was kind of amazed at how fast the traffic continues to be around the workers. Remember, those ODOT workers are here to try and help the city with traffic issues and to make our sightlines better by removing some of the wiring above the road. They are kind of at driver’s mercy in terms of them concentrating on the work. It is we, the drivers, who need to be patient and careful in and around those areas.

I know that a large part of this issue is from commuters who are simply rolling through town on their way to work in the morning or heading home in the evening. Still, there are plenty of Canby area drivers who use the highway and will be driving by the workers during the months the construction is going on.

It is my hope that if you read this, you will think a little harder about being careful along Highway 99E.

Canby is such a wonderful town with wonderful, caring people. Let’ s not add a tragedy to the mix by being a bit impatient or driving faster than we need to. ODOT workers’ lives and livelihoods are in our hands.

Carole Jennings


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