Post office carriers set for annual food drive May 10

To the editor:

Please join the Canby Post Office city and rural letter carriers in Stamping Out Hunger this year on Saturday, May 10, by leaving nonperishable foods on or in your mailboxes.

The 22nd annual National Letter Carriers’ food drive collected 74 million pounds in 2013, more than 8,000 pounds from Canby. The food collected in Canby stays in Canby to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Irene Breshears


Aurora Fire District bond is worth supporting

To the editor:

The volunteers and staff of Aurora Fire District provide outstanding emergency services to the citizens and visitors in the district.

As a paramedic and co-owner of Woodburn Ambulance Service, I can personally say I have seen countless lives benefit from their dedication and professionalism. Quick response with well trained people and appropriate equipment saves lives.

A yes vote on Measure 24-367, the Aurora Fire District general obligation bond, will ensure this quality response well into the future. The aging stations would not withstand even a modest earthquake, leaving personnel and equipment unable to respond and help. Existing fire engines have been well maintained, however at close to 30 years old have well exceeded a typical useful life. It is time to replace buildings and equipment to make sure the community has the resources to provide life safety.

Please vote “yes” on Measure 24-367.

Shawn Baird


Co-owner, Woodburn Ambulance Service

North Marion school levy is worth a ‘yes’ vote

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage others to vote “yes” for the North Marion School levy. Our two sons attended North Marion and had a very good experience there, academically, and also participated in many sports and music activities.

I believe we have elected a good school board, and we should trust them to make good decisions based on their knowledge and desire to do best by the kids. Good schools make good citizens, and we need to provide this generation with the necessary tools to be happy and productive.

Shawn Roerig


Levy for NM schools will be a big help to education

To the editor:

I am a retired person writing in behalf of the North Marion School District levy, which will be on the May 20 ballot. It is a temporary levy designed to restore the drastic cuts that have seriously hampered the education of our students.

I don't have any children or relatives as students in our schools, but I recognize that education is the best investment I can make for my future; it is a matter of my own self-interest as a citizen.

Like many of you, I live on a fixed income and so does our school. It needs our help to continue. I recall the last time the school put up a levy, it went down by a 64-vote margin.

I know many of you are busy and you thought it would pass without your vote.

This time, turn in your ballot early because our school depends on you. If you want to set an example for young people, support our schools.

Bill Muelemans


Battalion chief pushes positives of Aurora Fire measure

To the editor:

I have been a volunteer firefighter in this area for 40-plus years and have always been very proud to serve my community. Now I ask that you the voters in the Aurora Fire District help me continue to help you.

We are asking for a “yes” vote on Ballot Measure 24-367, a general obligation bond. This bond will build a new station at the I-5 Donald-Aurora exit, provide much needed upgrade to both the current stations in Donald and Aurora and replace fire equipment that is outdated.

Both of our current stations are over 50 years old and built out of blocks that will not withstand an earthquake similar to the “Spring Break” quake that destroyed the Monitor Fire Station in 1996.

We must replace fire engines that are 29 and 26 years old.

The new central station will provide needed training facilities where our firefighters can train safely. Please vote yes on measure 24-367

Bobby Meyer

battalion chief

Aurora Fire District

North Marion bond passage offers chance at extra funds

To the editor:

My children and a select group of grandchildren have all taken advantage of an exceptional education in North Marion schools starting in the ‘60s. That means some of the buildings are over 50 years old. Upkeep is ongoing as anyone who owns a home or business knows. Good schools come with good teachers and comfortable surroundings that are adequate for students.

Over the years, class sizes have grown and buildings continue to require upkeep. We need to keep going forward with our commitment to providing the best school facilities and staff for the best education of our young people in North Marion County area.

As a bonus, if the budget passes, another amount of $300,000 will be coming our way free. It is a win- win for taxpayers and students in our community.

Remember to vote in the May election to help keep our schools producing quality leaders in reasonable housing for our future.

Beverlee Koutny


Vote on library issue a positive for Canby residents

To the editor:

I quite agree with the fact that Canby folks now, finally, get to vote on a very important issue. How refreshing. Let's get the library-city complex up and running. Vote "yes" on Measure 24-367.

I also quite agree with a couple last week’s letters pertaining to Bates and Bowerman. Mr. Bates truly is a terrific individual and will be a great asset to the commisioners.

Mrs. Bowerman was just recently elected to the city council in Lake Oswego and methinks she should stay and give those folks the person they voted for?

We need to all be informed before we vote. Far too many either don't vote or don't pay attention to what the folks we elect and are to represent us are doing while in office.

Please don't be an "uninformed voter."

Sally Douglas


‘Yes’ vote on Aurora Fire bond will be huge help

To the editor:

The District 63 firefighters request a ‘yes” vote on the Measure 24-367 general obligation bond that will build a central station at the I-5 Aurora-Donald exit and acquire new fire apparatus for the Aurora, Donald and new central fire stations.

We currently have fire engines that are older than many of our volunteer firefighters.

Keeping our apparatus up to date provides an important margin of safety when on a call and are more reliable and less expensive to maintain.

The Aurora and Donald stations are over 50 years old.

This measure will give both these stations the seismic updates they need, so that they will be better able to withstand natural disasters, to provide continuity of service.

With our new central station, we will provide faster and more direct routes for rural residents of our district. Our volunteer firefighters appreciate new training facilities for drills and classes at the central station.

The new engines, tender and brush rig the bond provides will be more reliable and safer so that we may better serve the residents of our 64-square-mile fire and life safety service district.

Please vote “yes” on Measure 24-367 to support our District 63 firefighters.

Matt Yakes


Unified front offers hope for library-civic center vote

To the editor:

I am another voice heralding a vote?“yes” for a new civic center-library on Measure 3-436. It is quite heartening that the Canby City Council and the Friends of the Library have a common goal now —we are all rooting for this measure to pass.

It has been emotionally taxing on the community these past two years, as we’ve talked and argued and become divided about finding a home for a new library and city offices. After this vote, it is my hope that the dialogue will finally shift from “Do we want this?” to “We want this. Now let’s make it happen.”

To clarify, this measure does not confirm a specific location for a new civic center and Library, but it does give citizens the opportunity to show their support and verify that there is no question that this project is the best use of the existing Urban Renewal dollars that are sitting in the bank, ready to renew Canby in a big way.

It is inspiring to see the Friends of the Library and the City Council unified on this issue, and national politics would benefit from their example. The two groups will show their solidarity on May 3 when they come together for a “Vote Yes” campaign around Canby. Look for us in your neighborhood. And join us, if you’d like.

Tracie Heidt

Friends of the Library board

Arts advisory council looking for local talent

To the editor:

Public art is an important aspect of expressing community pride. As a member of the Arts and Culture Advisory Council of Canby, I have been very impressed by our community spirit and vast amount of creative talent which exists in the Canby area.

As a group, the advisory council is seeking to promote and incorporate the diverse cultures and talents of our community to create public art that reflects an appropriate vision of our mutual aspirations and common values yet also reflects Canby’s rich history.

Our public art should reflect the best that Canby has been, is and can become.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the public art process. The first request for proposals will be in a few days. We encourage everyone to submit their drawings and renderings. Winning submissions will be rewarded. I encourage everyone to visit the city of Canby website (under RFP) and to follow the Arts and Culture Advisory Council of Canby facebook page for specific entry details. With your help we can all continue to make Canby a special and beautiful place to live and raise our families!

Ron Pomeroy


Bernard, Savas help keep balance on commission

To the editor:

There is an effort being funded from outside of Clackamas County to try to take the Clackamas County Commission further to the right.

Don't fall for the negative rhetoric. Chairman John Ludlow doesn't like having people who disagree with him. The commission desperately needs this balance.

Commissioners Jim Bernard and Paul Savas have worked hard to represent the entire county. I appreciate their commitment and passion, and encourage voters to keep a balance on the Commission. Vote Bernard and Savas on May 20.

Robert Bitter


Canby voters needs to take this opportunity

To the editor:

The people of Canby finally have a chance to definitely say they want a new library and civie center.

While I wasn’t a fan of a citywide vote on the issue initially, at least this will now answer the question of whether the project is wanted. I hope Canby residents get out and vote. This is their chance.

Karen Barrens


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