People need to understand new CPR guildines

To the editor:

I was excited to learn that the American Heart Association issued new guidelines for CPR, but unfortunately too few people know about them. It is now easier than ever to save a life through the Hands-Only CPR 2 step process. Step 1: Call 9-1-1. Step 2: Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives. You can even sing along to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees—100 beats per minute. Of the 383,000 people that suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, the vast majority do not receive bystander CPR and less than 11 percent survive.

Mayor Charlie Hales recently issued an official proclamation declaring June 1 to June 7th as CPR Week in Portland. This was a great step towards educating Oregonians, and I encourage people to participate in this effort by watching the Hands-Only CPR video at We never know when someone may be in a life threatening situation, but we can all be prepared. I have experienced recent loss in my family due to lack of education and motivation to seek preventative methods, and I know firsthand why education is the key! I urge state legislators to make Hands-Only CPR a requirement in Oregon high schools so we can bring 45,000 new lifesavers into our communities each year!

Amanda Lindsay

Oregon City

Resident disappointed in decision to cut down trees

To the editor:

I would like to know who, in the city government, was responsible for cutting down the trees along Ivy Street in front of Lee Elementary School and the neighboring houses. It is disgraceful.

Shame on them.

What an eye sore it is. The trees are half dead and will never grow back, and the street is now full of weeds.

Way to go, stupid. It has really made Canby more beautiful. Gag me with a spoon.

Who decides these things? They should be fired and I resent having to pay their salaries.

The people in the city government need to take a good look around the city streets and look at the recent authorized electrical projects as well as the current conditions of maintenance of the streets and buildings. They should be ashamed of the condition of Canby. What am I paying the Canby maintenance fee of $49.50 a month for? Who is lining their pockets?

It is very sad and depressing. Who is in charge of the hen house? So sad.

Deborah Grochol


Canby resident supports Warfighter Rights Movement

I am writing to bring to attention the Warfighter Rights Movement, something important to me as an advocate for veterans rights. We stand united to end Warfighter discrimination and stop PTS(D)-phobia. The issues with the VA have been substandard for decades. However, this is not the only issue we as Warfighters face today. Routinely our Warfighter community is discriminated against in the areas of employment, housing, and even in some interactions with law enforcement and courts. In its worst case, the result is suicide or death of warfighters, the very individuals who so volunteer service to defend our flag, our constitution, our freedom from oppression, our equal rights. We will seek to take action through class action lawsuits and propose legislation to end the discrimination of warfighters in America. American Warfighters are comprised of 23 million strong veterans, plus the additional numbers of those currently serving on active duty military and their friends, families, and supporters. In the 1960’s Americans rallied to end discrimination with the Civil Rights movement. During that same timeframe the returning Warfighters were chastised and shamed by the very people they fought for. We continue to see forms of this today. We will not stand by idly and allow any Warfighter, past or present to be neglected. It’s part of our Warrior ethos. This is the era of the Warfighter Rights Movement. We seek your assistance. We want all legislators, media, and individuals to show where they stand on Warfighter Rights by having our backs, as we volunteered to have yours, at any price. We don’t care about politics. Politicians that support us must agree to “give no quarter to the corrupt”. Expect to see us protest and rally in large numbers across the country.

Doug Wilkinson

Executive Officer, Oregon Battalion


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