Cutting on arborvitae makes bushes look ‘sad’

To the editor:

I agree with Deborah Grochol regarding the mutilation of the arborvitae along Ivy Street.

I don’t know who owns the bushes, whether it is the city or the homeowners whose backyards back up to them. But, regardless of who owns them, how could anyone mutilate them like that?

Aroborvitae do not grow back after pruning. Also, they were never properly taken care of. No one trimmed the others back and kept the tops trimmed so they would not get out of hand.

The bushes, I guess one cannot call them that anymore, are such an eyesore now. If they were a problem then just remove them entirely. That would be better than mutilating them.

I hope whoever is responsible for this will do the right thing and remove them entirely. That would be the decent path to take. After all, I thought Canby was known as the garden spot. What was done to these bushes is almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Donna Lebold


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