Chivalry is not dead in Canby

To the editor:

During the past month, I have personally experienced two happenings to once again say that chivalry is not dead and Canby is a great place to live.

About a month ago, I was preparing to cross the street to my handicapped parking place and evidently looked somewhat helpless. A nice young man, whose named is Jose, stopped, took my hand, helped me to my car and made sure I and my passenger were okay before he left. What a wonderful young man.

The Monday morning after that at about 7 a.m., I fell and could not get up nor could my husband help me. We called 911 and within four minutes the firemen and EMTs were there and I was up and cared for.

These first responders are concerned, caring and very good at their jobs and I thank God and the fire district for employing such extraordinary people. They have come to our aid before and I thank them wholeheartedly.

Having lived in Canby and it’s environs most of my 85-plus years, I would not want to live anywhere else.

Lorraine Dworschak


Thanks to pancake breakfast volunteers

To the editor:

Another very successful Fourth of July pancake breakfast happened again in honor of Herman Bergman, a man who was inspired to continue his dream of making the train depot a longstanding reflection of Canby’s history.

It takes a lot of people and a lot of organization to make this happen. We love seeing customers come for the first time and lots of customers that return every year.

We appreciate the workers who have been a main support for this event. We couldn’t do it without them.

All the names of the volunteers and donors cannot be mentioned because of space limitations, but we want all of you to know that we appreciate everything you do. A special congratulations to long-time resident Wes Remington, who was selected as the 2014 king of the event. It was quite a day.

You all know who you are and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.

The Canby Historical Society Board


Slice of Summer music is a ‘wonderful thing’

To the editor:

I wanted to write and commend the many volunteers and organizers for this year’s Slice of Summer music series.

I?have been attending the Slice of Summer series for years and truly enjoy the variety of music that the people who put it together bring to Canby every year.

Another thing I have enjoyed is the setting for the music. I?just look around and, even when it is hot like it has been, the shadiness of Wait Park seems to make even the most unpleasant of heat, bearable.

We have a wonderful thing going on in Canby with Slice of Summer. Enjoy it.

Rebecca Machado


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