Olsen a friend of small business, good for Clackamas County

To the editor:

I read in last week’s Herald the many reasons that our own Sen. Alan Olsen is a friend of small business. I wonder how many readers appreciate the importance of that.

Everyone who works in and around Canby probably works for a small business, unless you work for the schools. Small businesses account for the vast majority of jobs for our citizens, and are the backbone and health of our country. Without them, we would cease to exist as a viable economy.

I also want you to know that Olsen tried valiantly to require all legislators to put their names on their amendments to bills, in an effort aimed at government transparency. His transparency bill was narrowly blocked by Democrats, but he has vowed to bring it up again and again until it is passed. I ask — why would legislators be ashamed of putting their names on their own bills? What’s there to hide? I just don’t get it — if the bill is that bad, why write it?

I hope that you will vote in November for Olsen. He’s a good, honest, decent man who has worked hard for the folks in Clackamas County.

Joey Kang


Canby resident offers thanks for help when heart faltered a bit

To the editor:

I would like to thank Canby Fire District and the paramedics who helped me recently. I am nearly 91 years old and have lived in Canby for 65 years. Last week my heart was giving me trouble and I called 911. I wanted to thank all the professional service people who responded.

Tony Pezl


Clackamas County Fair was an enjoyable experience for family

To the editor:

Having attended the recent Clackamas County Fair twice, I?had to write and say how much I enjoyed it and what a credit it is to the county and Canby.

I and my family had a great time. Good job to all involved.

Stephen Clemens

Oregon City

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