The 2014 Car Show winners have been announced

Winners are:

Best of Show: 2008 Ford Mustang owned by Robert Morrison

1st Place Best Original: 1974, 914 Porsche owned by Dan Sweet

2nd Place Best Original: 1974, 914 Porsche, owned by Christopher Bailey

1st Place Best Restored: 1956, Chevrolet Pickup, owned by Jim Yager

2nd Place Best Restored: 1960, VW Beetle, owned by Eric Murk

1st Place Best Street Rod: 2000, Ford Mustang, owned by Jim Smith

2nd Place Best Street Rod: 1965, Chevrolet Impala, owned by Blake Dupont

1st Place 1930-1940:1931, Ford Tudor, owned by Bruce Hull

2nd Place 1930-1940:1931, 1931, Ford Model A, owned by Mike Shields

1st Place 1941-1954: 1947, Chevrolet Convertible, owned by Tommy and Betty Shea

2nd Place 1941-1954: 1941, Ford Sedan, owned by Danny Sandberg

1st Place 1955-1960: 1956, Buick Special, owned by Glenn Bowders

2nd Place 1955-1960: 1957, Ford Fairlane, owned by Ken Hurd

1st Place 1960-1973: 1970, Dodge Custom 800, owned by Christopher Bailey

2nd Place 1960-1973: 1966, Ford Mustang, owned by Lloyd Johnson

1st Place 1974-1985: 1979, Ford Bronco, owned by Andi Yager

2nd Place 1974-1985: 1974, Chevrolet Nova, owned by Lyle Froyd

1st Place 1986-1995: 1994, Ford Mustang, owned by Robert Engle

2nd Place 1986-1995: 1986, Chevrolet Corvette, owned by Lee Gellinger

1st Place 1996-to Present: 2008, Ford Mustang, owned by Robert Morrison

2nd Place 1996-to Present: 2005, Chevrolet SSR, owned by Ed Hodel

1st Place Foreign Vehicle: 1971, Porsche 914, owned by Dan Sweet

2nd Place Foreign Vehicle: 1974, Porsche 914, owned by Daniel Sweet

1st Place Truck: 1966, Ford pickup, owned by Rose Ek

2nd Place Truck: 1956, Ford F100, owned by Leigh and Naomi Hubbard

Parade Ribbon Winners

1st Place Antique Tractor Buzz Weygandt

2nd Place Antique Tractor Tom Rahn

1st Place Antique Vehicle Sandelie Golf Course

2nd Place Antique Vehicle Frey Family

1st Place Bicycle Junior Brittney Ella

1st Place Classic Car Wayne Stapleton

2nd Place Classic Car Jack Miller

1st Place Float Com Organic Fields of Heather

2nd Place Float Com

Abiqua Country Estates

1st Place Float Non Com Canby Music

2nd Place Float Non Com Christian Motorcycle Assn.

1st Place Marching Band Canby Music Boosters

1st Place Walker Junior Olivia Metz

2nd Place Walker Junior The Light of the World Kids

1st Place Walker Senior Moodey Montgomery Clan

Parade Trophy Winners

Swan Island Dahlias: Best Theme, Judges Choice

Canby Music Boosters: Most People

Canby Music: Most Unique

Abiqua Country Estates: Most Colorful

Christian Motorcycle Ass: Best Non Company Float

Moodey Montgomery Clan: Young Single Entry

Yamhill Hardwoods: Best Company Float

Organic Fields of Heather: Funniest

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