Customers will now be greeted by 243 horseshoes embedded in the concrete near the front door

After a nearly year-long wait, the Pine Theater finally has its Walk of Fame.

Last year, theater owners Ali and Oniko Mehrabi were faced with going digital or going dark. Hollywood studios had begun phasing out film prints of new movies in favor digital copies, so the days of using film projectors were limited.

To help pay the more than $80,000 price tag for two new digital projectors, the Mehrabis launched the Walk of Fame fundraiser. Local residents and businesses were invited to purchase an engraved horseshoe for $400 that they would place in the concrete outside the theater door.

“A lot of people do wall plaques,” Ali Mehrabi said, regarding ways to honor donors. “We wanted to do something a little bit different that fits in with the Western feel of town.”

This past August, the theater owners reached their goal and purchased and installed the new projectors about a month later, but the Walk of Fame had to wait.

Now, eight months later, the vision has finally become a reality. On Sunday, 243 engraved horseshoes were installed on the small portion of concrete between the Main Street sidewalk and theater entrance. The engraving work was completed by Brian Morisette, of Morisette Manufacturing, and local resident Dan Johnson competed the concrete work.

The horseshoes rest in a tightly-grouped, rectangular pattern. Most of them are silver while four other gold shoes lie in the middle of the bunch, giving the entire space a metallic sheen. Mehrabi said he tried to visualize what the finished product would look like, but was pleasantly surprised with the result.

“I didn’t know it would look quite as uniform,” he said. “I think it worked out great. People I’m sure will stand over it and stare at it.”

Not only is Mehrabi pleased with the Walk of Fame, he is delighted to have the digital equipment for movie-goers to enjoy.

“It is all streamlined. The picture is great. The maintenance is low,” he said. “It is piece of mind to have it installed. People like it. The picture is so in focus. The colors are all bright.”

Having managed to survive the switch to digital movies, Mehrabi expressed gratitude for the community members that helped them out in their time of need.

“It’s just huge, the support that we got from town,” he said. “When the town wants something, they will back you 100 percent. It’s good to know that they want us here.”

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