is making me sick to my stomach to see how many are trying to save the Pine Theater. If they want to save the theater, why don’t they invite a lot of their friends, pay for their tickets, then the Pine Theater may be able to make a profit and stay in business on its own. That is how businesses are run in the U.S.A.
   I was very upset when I read the letter to the editor that the so- called patriot person wrote. If that person is really a patriot, he would know that in communist countries, the government owns all the businesses. Was he suggesting that he thinks that would be a good way for this country to go? When he suggested the city loan money to businesses?
   Also, in my statement I get each month from Crestview Cable company, they are asking for a donation to save the Pine Theater. I plan to call them and let them know what I think of that.
   If the owners of the Pine Theater would have gone to college or a good private business school, they would have learned that the first three years of their new business would most likely be run in the red. After that they may make some profit. But, because they are the only theater in Prineville, that does not mean they have a better chance of being a success. Like most Oregonian people think.
   That fact is what I learned my first semester in college, taking business administration as a major and economics as a minor.
   If the business is not successful, it should be allowed to fail. Then someone that has enough working capital, hopefully smart enough also, will come along buying it and keep it in business. I know, in these days of federal bailouts, we have gotten in a habit to think that almost every business should be saved from going out of business.
   Charles Beauchamp

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