I w
ould like to respond to the letter regarding the Pine Theater from Mr Beauchamp written for the June 25 paper.
   Mr. Beauchamp, I’ve tried to reach you by phone as I would like to tell you I’ve been a business owner here in Prineville for 29 years and over those years, I’ve encountered many setbacks from the economy.
   You obviously know nothing of the Mehrabis or the commitment our community has for the businesses here in Prineville.
   Your nasty remarks regarding their lack of education was terribly insulting and nothing short of bullying. You have no idea what type of education either of them have, so why on earth would you even make a comment about that?
   Also, do you even know if the Mehrabis have or had other businesses in the U.S.?
   Our community is grateful to Ali and Oniko Mehrabi for stepping up and taking on the task of opening the Pine Theater after 27 years of it sitting dormant. They opened the theater to accommodate our community so none of us would have to drive outside of Prineville to pay $10.50 to $12.50 to see a movie.
   If you knew anything about this situation, you would know this has nothing to do with the profits or how successful the theater is. Ali can close the theater and get a regular job as I’m sure he does have a fine education. He’s giving our community an option to keep the theater open.
   That Mr Beauchamp is why we are scraping together our funds to help save the theater. If this makes you sick then so be it. Don’t pay attention. There are enough caring people in our city who do know the Mehrabis personally and know their commitment to our community and we all have their backs on this.
   Dawn Chavez

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