The Prineville Police Department is putting more emphasis on My Neighborhood My Cop

The Prineville Police Department has offered its My Neighborhood My Cop program since 2007, but for the past year, its presence has waned.

“It kind of went dormant because of staffing shortfalls and those kinds of things,” said Prineville Police Captain Michael Boyd.

That should soon change, as the department plans to breathe new life into the program this coming fall. They have retooled the program and with the help of improved communications technology and celebration of the Fall National Night Out, on Oct. 7, they hope to increase the presence of My Neighborhood My Cop in Prineville.

“The whole purpose of the program is really to help people deal with more long-term, nagging problems in their neighborhoods,” Boyd explained, “things like blight, problem neighbors, chronic traffic issues, those kinds of things.”

The program assigns eight officers to eight neighborhoods throughout the community, with each neighborhood broken out by area and number of homes.

“What we charge the officer with is trying to keep their finger on the pulse of their neighborhood,” Boyd said. “When someone does have a problem, the officer will respond to that person.”

Although efforts are already under way to promote the program and revive its presence, the police department will rely on one particular event to help spotlight it.

“This year, we are really hoping to promote National Night Out,” Boyd said. “Hopefully, the weather is still pretty good here. We will try to do some kind of get-together in every single neighborhood in the city - all eight of them, with each officer hosting one of them at a neighbor’s house.”

While the goal is to encourage officer interaction with local residents, the program also seeks to band neighbors together in support of each other’s safety.

“One of the things we try to do is get neighbors to know each other,” Boyd said, “get them to look out for each other in a way that Neighborhood Watch does.”

In the past, My Neighborhood My Cop has helped residents with a variety of problems. and in at least one case, helped uncover criminal activity.

“A couple years ago, we had one neighbor report a suspicious neighbor to their neighborhood officer,” Boyd recalls, “and through that we basically uncovered a mail theft ring that had about 300 victims. So you name it - whatever you want to talk to your neighborhood officer about, you are welcome to do so.”

Going forward the program will make use of recent technological upgrades at the police department, including a revamped website. Visitors to the site will be able to set up an account for their neighborhood and corresponding officer.

“You will be able to sign up and officers are going to be able to send out messages on a regular basis,” Boyd stated.

To learn more about the My Neighborhood My Cop program, visit and click on the My Neighborhood My Cop link, or call 541-447-4168.

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