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Will Call runs away from the field


Four-man team of John Unruh, Neal Perry, Greg Davy, and Shannon Brasher win race by nearly 25 minutes

Team Will Call blasted away from the field to win the 2014 Fourth of July Splash n’ Dash by nearly 25 minutes.

The four-man team of John Unruh, Neal Perry, Greg Davy and Shannon Brasher blazed to a time of 1:23:20, one of the fastest times in recent course history. Tim Monaco, who did the course by himself, finished a distant second with a time of 1:28:06.

Meanwhile, in the triathlon portion of the event, Bradley Haag cruised to a nearly four-minute victory with a time of 1:09:34.

“Gosh, this had to be one of the best years,” said Crook County High School Head Track and Field Coach Ernie Brooks, who was also the event coordinator. “For turnout — for smoothness. It was just a great community event.”by: LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Dave Pickhardt races down Crooked River during the kayaking portion of this year's Splash n' Dash. Pickhardt and his son Liam finished third overall in the race with a time of 1:29:17.

The Splash n’ Dash started as a one-of-a-kind multiple-sport event. The race starts with a 500-yard swim, which is followed by an 11-mile bike ride, a 1.75-mile boating leg and a four-mile run. In recent years, the race has added a triathlon, which runs the same distances, minus the boating leg.

“The triathlon is picking up,” Brooks said. “Even though individuals can do it, the Splash n’ Dash is more for teams, while a lot of individuals are doing the triathlon.”

Brooks added that as the triathlon portion of the event becomes more popular there are more competitors coming from outside of the area to race.

“We have a great turnout from Prineville, but we also have individuals from Bend, Redmond, Portland, and as far away as Prosser and Spokane, Wash.”

This year’s race also saw a couple competitors from Spain, who just happened to be in the area and decided to try the event.

Father and son team Dave and Liam Pickhardt finished third in the Splash n’ Dash with a time of 1:29:17. They were followed closely by Bill Cooley and Dan Broyals with a time of 1:29:39. Rounding out the top five were Those Guys (Chris Colovos, Jeremy Anderson, Jason Gruetzmacher, and Simon Shgackel)?who finished the course in 1:33:55.by: LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Ashton Morgan completes the swimming portion of the race.

The triathlon saw Nate Robinson take second with a time of 1:13:31 while Lauren Truxillo finished third with a time of 1:20:00. The team of Heidi Lee and Mark Koopman was close behind, taking fourth with a time of 1:20:01. Levi Nichols rounded out the top five with a time of 1:21:30.

The Splash n’ Dash is a fundraiser for the Crook County High School and Middle School track and field programs.

Brooks was quick to credit the scores of volunteers that help with the race for its continued success.

“Without your help, we don’t do the event,” He said. “It’s not just track fans, it's people in the community. It’s just people that wanted to help and, you know, that’s what makes Prineville pretty cool. You put on an event and people want to help even if they don’t have any connection to the program. During the event we had 185 to 200 people down in the park just chillin’, throwing Frisbees, and having a good time with the music. It’s not just about track it’s also a good all-around event for our families.”

Splash n’ Dash

Friday, July 4

Splash n’ Dash results — 1. Will Call: John Unruh, Neal Perry, Greg Davy, Shannon Brasher, 1:23:20. 2. Tim Monocao, 1:28:06. 3. Dave and Liam Pickhardt, 1:29:17. 4. Bill Cooley, Dan Broyals, 1:29:39. 5. Those Guys: Chris Colovos, Jeremy Anderson, Jason Gruetzmacher, Simon Shgackel, 1:33:55. 6. DX & RX: Shannon Brasher, Brandon Brasher, Sean Phothyane, Carey Allen, 1:34:10. 7. Mr. & Mrs. Ramos On a Date: Dannielle and Tony Ramos, 1:34:47. 8. Go Team: Bob Trautner, Andrea Trautner, John Malpass, 1:39:40. 9. J&J-Dynomite: Justin Wyatt, James Blanchard, 1:42:02. 10. Tate Metcalf, 1:44:02. 11. Laura O’Connell, 1:45:04. 12. Freedom Four: Ted Gerritsen, Jacob McCollam, Ronan Feely, Mark Rhoden, 1:45:22. 13. Cody Thurman, John Marsh, 1:53:14. Facebook: Derrick Tingue, Angie Weatherman, Ryan Dobson, 1:53:50. 15. Johnson Family: Lydia, Daniel, Josheph, Jeremiah, 1:53:51. 16. Edge Fitness: Rhonda, Jenny, 1:54:47. 17. Radar Fixott, 1:56:15. 18. Gorilla Panic: Baily Barrott, Kole Brewer, Tyler Rockwood, Grayson Munn, 1:56:27. 19. 3 Women & A Boy: Taylor Morgan, Monique Davis, Niki Crafton, Carrissa Hartman, 1:57:23. 20. Misfits: Cayden Quinn, Scott Graham, 1:57:42. 21. Jan Carne, Jonas Rice, Eliah Rice, Alec Carne, 1:57:43. 22. Team Mango: Rachel Wente-Chancey, Miles Chancey, Connor Chancey, Eric Osborne, 1:59:29. 23. Fitzluthers: Amy Fitzgerald, Joe Fitzgerald, Brian Luther, Tiffany Luther, 2:00:19. 24. 24. Team Housley: Steve Housley, Bryan Housley, Sydney Thomasen, 2:02:53. 25. Floyd/Shields Star Spangled Banditas: Jill Carpenter, Anita Rhoden, Lynn Vigil, Heather Allison, 2:04:02. 26. Crouching Tigers: Jim, Rick, Curtis, Matt Crouch, 2:04:49. Nancy Abbott, 2:08:52. 27. Who, What, Where: Shiloh Binder, Noa Binder, Brenda Tobish, Jim Tobish, 2:10:22. 28. Forced Family Fun: John, Eric, Traci, McKenna Christian, 2:13:43. 29. CC?Da’s Office: Daina Vitolins, Matt Reiner, Katherine Kravel-Hernburg, Peter Hernberg, 2:14:20. 30. Rebound Pt: Stefanie Turner, Tami Tuttle, 2:14:39. 31. M.A.G.num: Marah Binder, Gavin Tobish, Augie Tobish, 2:14:50. Willa-Muzzo: Gary Williams, Sean Scaramuzzo, Melisa, 2:18:42. 32. Milestone Technologies: Tiffany Fewell, Ryan Mozingo, David Krueger, Jason Beebe, 2:19:05. 33. Lew Hollander, 2:24:49. 34. Aimee Metcalf, 2:25:36. 35. McKinley Abbott, 2:28:59. 36. You, Me, Him & Her: Celene Edmonds, Sara Natale, Natasha Edmonds, 2:35:17. 37. Polens At Play: Lara Polen, Reece Polen, Jackson Polen, 2:58:58.

Triathlon results — 1. Bradley Haag, 1:09:34. 2. Nate Robinson, 1:13:31. 3. Lauren Truxillo, 1:20:00. 4. Deaf 2: Heidi Lee, Mark Koopman, 1:20:01. 5. Levi Nichols, 1:21:30. 6. Bill Robie, 1:24:00. 7. Angela Tye, 1:24:00. 8. Dylan Wood, 1:28:17. 9. Ochoco F.S. Old Timers: Walt Carter, Bryan Scholz, Bryan Jorden, 1:29:18. 10. Dennis Kostelecky, 1:30:40. 11. Leif Gilbertson, 1:31:31. 12. Tonya Koopman, 1:31:34. 13. John Foley, 1:33:59. 14. AAK: Amanda Shaffer, Kim Kambak, Anna Smith, 1:35:53. 15. Tiffany Housley, 1:37:14. 16. Jason Housley, 1:38:31. Blundgers: Kaitlyn VanSant, Janice Van Sant, Leigh Simmons, 1:39:26. 17. Jen Lloyd, 1:40:26. Cowboys/Cowgirls: Rosie, Abby, Lucas, 1:41:04. 27. City Folks: Chad, Issibell, Spain, 1:41:04. 28. Anne Deidrich, 1:41:11. 29. Sandy BAker, 1:52:26. 30. Jessica Lea, 1:54:39. 31. Team Me: Brieanne Marrow, 1:57:44. 32. Kassidy Burnett, 2:03.57. 33. Amber Burnett, 2:04:49. 34. Rylie Burnett, 2:28:30. 35. Kaylin Burnett, 2:34:49. 36. Jay VanSant, 2:29:26.