Criminal charges are still pending against a man involved in a road rage incident that occurred July 8 at the intersection of Kingsgate Road and Melrose Street in Lake Oswego.

According to Capt. Don Forman of the Lake Oswego Police Department, the level of assault charge to be brought down on the individual has still not been determined.

The victim in the incident was a male who received injuries to the face and the extent of those injuries will likely determine the charge. The victim was a passenger in a car driven by a female friend.

No official determination had been made as to what the catalyst of the altercation may have been but police believe that driving habits of the first car's driver may have angered the driver of the tailing car, leading to the incident.

In an unrelated case, police are continuing their investigation in apprehending vandals who hit Bethlehem Church on Stafford Road and several nearby properties but no new information was available at press time.

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