Community 'patched' together


Community 'patched' together

It has been said many times that one never goes on vacation in July if you live in the town of Sandy. That is the month that everything happens! With that said, the Sandy Historical Society Quilt Show Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many volunteers, merchants and patrons who worked at or attended the eighth annual quilt show the third weekend in July. The Sandy community again came together to support another great fund-raiser that will provide funds for the opening of the new museum. We thank you all for helping to make this show a success.

SHIRLEY CROW; Gresham; Co-chairwoman, Sandy Historical Society Quilt Show

A thankful queen

I wish to thank all of the old and new friends who chose me to be queen of the Sandy Mountain Festival. It was a real honor, and I enjoyed it all very much.

Thanks to Joan Parker, chairwoman of the (Five Generation Court) Committee. Thanks to my brothers Bill and Jerry Lawson for being my escorts.

I also appreciated the support of the princesses who made up the rest of the court. They are all lovely girls.

Our hometown has really grown, but it is still a great town, and it was a wonderful festival. I'm looking forward to next year.


Thanks, Rick

As a mother of a kindergartner, I want to express my thanks to state Sen. Rick Metsger for tackling one of the most ominous problems that threatens the health and security of our state - namely, the meth epidemic.

By restricting access to the materials used in the manufacture of this drug, Sen. Metsger has been instrumental in helping to pass some of the toughest anti-meth legislation in the nation.

For this I am eternally grateful and will certainly support his reelection.